The Drug War: Beyond the moral and the legal
by Cirilo Cariga and Marielle Lucenio
Feature // November 6, 2016

The bullet that almost pierced through the chest of Francis “Jay R” Santiago Jr. during an alleged buy bust operation last September 13 at Aldecoa St. in Malate, Manila could have easily added him to the long list of drug suspects slain in the name of Duterte’s relentless war on drugs. Jay R, however, managed…

The Senior High experience
by Nathaniel Sierras and Jaime Papa
Feature // November 5, 2016

De La Salle University is the new home of several starry eyed senior high schoolers. Beginning their classes last June, the senior high students are now the new faces in the Lasallian community. They’re not that hard to spot; their IDs are worn horizontally and they move in droves, at times carrying with them an…

Cinema ‘76: The little cinema that could
by Isabella Argosino and Flores Gilda
Feature //

It was the year 1976–the magnum opus era in Philippine Cinema that saw the birth of Lino Brocka’s Insiang, Eddie Romero’s Ganito Kami Noon, Paano Kayo Ngayon?, and Ishmael Bernal’s Nunal Sa Tubig, to name a few. There were no oversaturated plots of hacienda love stories, or marriage scandals with the housekeeper–mainstream films that capitalized…

Epiphanies in growing up and entering the real world
by Krizzia Asis and Audrey Giongco
Feature // November 2, 2016

There are two kinds of people you will most likely meet in college: The ones you see rushing in the hallways to get where they have to be, finish homework, set rigid goals to accomplish in a day, week, even as far as a year, then graduate earlier than everyone else. Or you will meet…

The phases of cosplaying
by Celestine Sevilla and Denise Nicole Uy
Feature // October 22, 2016

 “Clothes make a statement; costumes tell a story.” – Mason Cooley With the recently concluded Asia Pop Comic Con, a convention where fans of all ages can immerse themselves in everything pop culture to bring out their inner geek, one of the factors that made the event a smash hit was the unbelievable amount of…

In the shadows: Filipino page poetry
by Paulo Yusi
Feature //

The divide between prose and poetry in the country has always been present; maybe not blatant, but it is palpable at least. Whereas the concise verbosity of Filipino prose has so freely graced the palms of bored students and starry eyed wonderers, the same cannot be said of its more abstract and ambiguous counterpart. Its…

OPM’s not dead: On the fate of Filipino music
by Danielle Arcon and Nicole Wong
Feature // October 21, 2016

Just when you think you’ve got OPM figured out, it throws you a curveball. Channeling the charm of the local sound with lush, boombox-ready sonic palettes, Original Pilipino Music strikes the right chords, reconciling the universal with the intimate. On pitch and veering into broader varieties, OPM registers precisely with the melancholy and occasionally wonderful…

The DLSU LPEP Green Guide: Meet the developers
by Nathaniel Sierras
Feature Student Spotlight // October 17, 2016

Back then, the typical DLSU freshmen in their first few days could be described as utterly lost. Every year, there are fresh faces on campus wondering what ‘A708’ is, and spending hours trying to figure out how to survive in Taft. Thanks to the La Salle Computer Society (LSCS), however, this year’s freshmen are the…

The kuwatro standard
by Alexis Sobremonte
25 Cents' Worth Feature // October 14, 2016

Working on our rough edges can be quite tricky at times. We are all constantly soldiering on through life to “seek a Great Perhaps”, like Pudge in John Green’s Looking for Alaska. The best of us graduate with honors, but lack honor. Through the challenges we face in various aspects of our young lives, a…

Expectations vs. Reality: First Job
by Josienne Cordova
Feature // October 13, 2016

Let’s admit it,  we’ve all somehow planned out what we intend to do with our first paycheck. But, have we ever given any thought about our first job? While it may be daunting, landing that first job is undeniably a huge milestone in any young adult’s life.  As Lasallians bid college farewell, they now say…