Bedtime stories of a war veteran
by Casey Margaret Eridio
Feature // September 18, 2018

When we were kids, we always had this pure look of wonder in our eyes whenever we listen to our parents tell a story. At night, right when we go to bed, once-upon-a-times perk our ears up without a fail. There’s always this fascination with magical forests and daring adventures that made our eyes sparkle…

Along the rails: Living by the tracks
by Ella Baccay and Katherine Moro
Commentary Feature // August 30, 2018

The smokey fog makes it hard to see the heat coming from the train when it passes by almost unbearable, but what choice do they have? Early morning, people start milling around; grabbing their laundry and heading to wash them, crossing the tracks as if a speeding train doesn’t scare them one bit. The sound…

Love, Simon: A generation’s coming out story
by Marmeelyn Sinocruz
Feature Statement // August 24, 2018

“To come home, to be brave” those were just a few words from Wild Heart by the Bleachers—one of the songs from Love, Simon’s official soundtrack. Today’s generation, though benefitting from the recent surge of LGBTQ++ movies—if you can call it such a surge, are often presented with films which are highly divorced from the…

Football in the Philippines: Sports’ black sheep
by Westin Perez
Feature //

As the World Cup rampaged through the month of June to the month of July and some of the world’s finest athletes took the largest stage in the world, all eyes were fixated on the riveting action on display—all except for the Philippines.   That, of course, is an exaggeration. It’s not as if no…

An intertwined fabric of heart, culture, and food: The legacy of Chef Hiroaki Otsuka
by Beatrice Del Rosario
Feature //

As a little girl, I was at the Otsuka household a lot. While at work,  mom and dad always preferred leaving me with people they trusted—those who, without a shadow of a doubt, wouldn’t only watch over me, but would treat me as one of their own. They always preferred family, which is why I…

A generation’s wait finally over: A review on the Incredibles 2
by Beatrice Del Rosario and Nadine Macalalad
Feature // August 13, 2018

After ages of waiting (yes, ages because that’s exactly how a few minutes feels like when you’re a little kid), one of the cinema’s glass doors creaks open, and you hold yourself back from rushing in and pushing your way past the people coming out; your mom or dad holding down a kid from his…

At highest altitude
by Celestine Sevilla, Eternity Ines and Yanna Zhang
Feature //

We fly straight into the world of female pilots as they commandeer and maneuver a winged vehicle so high off the ground, stowing away whatever it is that we are doing to listen to what it truly takes to become successful in the aviation industry. As we rattle and shake with anticipation in the same…

Between the ropes: A look into the exhilarating art of trapeze
by Danielle Arcon, Ella Baccay and Beatrice Del Rosario
Feature // July 14, 2018

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Julie muttered to herself as she anxiously looked around the sea of people she was silently drowning in. She’d hated crowds for as long as she could remember—especially noisy, restless, and sweaty ones. Though her eyes darted from left to right, rabidly searching for a way out kind of…

The fifth element of hip-hop
by Celestine Sevilla and Yanna Zhang
Feature // July 5, 2018

Imagine this: A sound underground, barely audible at first. Getting louder the closer you get, so you dare take a step forward. A smack and a pat-tat-tat of simple dubstep. Just when the rhythm was getting good, it switches. A symphony of orchestral instruments. The string and bass mixing together, blending and merging in nicely….

Love on the line: A look into online relationships
by Katherine Moro, Nadine Macalalad and Westin Perez
Feature // July 1, 2018

The phenomenon of online dating has reformed the entire landscape of dating in general. Nowadays, people meet online, through romance apps and whatnot, for a multitude of purposes within the realms of the romantic, whether it be for a quick fling or for something more intimate. The notion of dating through conventional means, as is…