In pursuit of independence
by Eternity Ines and Nadine Macalalad
Feature // July 11, 2017

The four walls of our family houses have always been home to us. It is where we eat, sleep, do homework, learn our first words, and form our most valuable bonds. For a lot of people, leaving the confines of these four walls is unthinkable simply because the doors of their home have always been…

25 Cents’ Worth: Generation X
by Anthony John Tang and Nicole Wong
25 Cents' Worth Feature //

It takes only one generation for everything to change. A lifetime is enough for a whole new world to emerge from the depths of human civilization. It is this change that separates us from the past and ourselves. It defines us, may it be a generalization or a stereotype. Such is the case for our…

Colonization through a historian’s eyes
by Audrey Giongco and Westin Perez
Feature //

Driving around Manila, the sight of Philippine flags leaning on lamp posts or draped on the most distinct spots on buildings become all the more frequent as the days go by. The days leading up to June bring about a heightened sense of nationalism. Last June 12th, the Philippines celebrated her 119th year of independence….

The metamorphosis of Manila Metropolitan Theater
by Danielle Arcon
Feature // July 3, 2017

If the restoration of the Manila Metropolitan Theater were a song, it’s the renaissance of a timeless kundiman that endures on the airwaves long after its notes were composed. It begins with a slow pull, its facade greeting you with a lyrical prelude and inviting your steps into the cadence of a pianoforte’s tempo.  From…

The 23rd Metro Manila Pride Festival: Here together
by Ella Baccay, Paolo Pamati-an and Abigail Quirong
Feature Writer's recap // June 29, 2017

Last June 24, 2017, the 23rd Metro Manila Pride March was held in the streets of Marikina City. It was a sight to behold; boisterous laughter and joyous chanting filled the air as thousands of people gathered together in front of the Marikina City Hall. The usually dull grounds of the city hall were now…

Animusika 2017: Lights, music, and sounds
by Danielle Arcon and Rebekah Navarro
Feature Writer's recap // June 25, 2017

In celebration of the University’s Vision-Mission Week and the never-ending love for Original Pilipino Music (OPM), Animusika, the awaited culmination night concert, was held at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall Grounds last June 16. Pursuing its annual tradition of promoting the local sound, Animusika featured musical acts such as Parokya ni Edgar, Sponge Cola, SUD, Imago,…

Green Music Collective: The advent of independent Lasallian musicians
by Krizzia Asis and Audrey Giongco
Feature // June 2, 2017

Some time in August 2015, a group of Lasallian students with a shared love for music and hunger to pursue their craft kickstarted the Green Music Collective (GMC). Aadil, one of the five founding students of GMC, enumerates the reasons why it was built. He makes mention of the lack of gigs available on campus,…

Craft in a bottle: On the local craft beer culture
by Catherine Orda and Danielle Arcon
Feature //

It’s the golden age of unexpected twists, and in an era when many are comforted by what’s traditional for its default familiarity, the unconventional provokes: relentlessly evocative of something distinctive, gripping, and different.   Carving a name for itself—artisanal, sophisticated, and diverse—it’s a mixed bag of both surprise and flavor. And perhaps, in its compelling…

Tago Jazz Bar: A dive of blazing passion and chilled drinks
by Isabella Argosino and Marielle Lucenio
Feature // May 30, 2017

The local music scene is a boiling pot of offbeat characters and personalities. As it continues to flourish, it becomes easier for genres and specific tastes to find a home among the array of bars and venues scattered around the city. Classic rock fans might find themselves along one of the indistinct streets in Makati…

More than mere tokens: On being Chinese
by Westin Perez
Feature // May 29, 2017

In my first term in DLSU, when I was still getting to know the people in my block, assumptions were immediately made of myself and the other two people in the block who are also Chinese. I recall a time when my classmates asked one of them how to say her Chinese name. She replied,…