Pills, paws, and play: The wonders of Animal-assisted therapy
by Casey Margaret Eridio and Celestine Sevilla
Feature // March 25, 2018

The doctor is in. And he is striding along the hallway as he welcomes his patients with the purest of intentions and enthusiasm. He goes on with what he usually does—sometimes easing pain, but on good days, saving lives. It’s enthralling and almost unbelievable how someone like him could perceive his job as something mundane…

Of beats, silence, and vision: The importance of musical scoring in films
by Denise Nicole Uy and Marmeelyn Sinocruz
Feature // March 22, 2018

You reach into your pocket or bag and pull out that tangled web of white wires. “Not this again,” you sigh as you then start the grueling task of trying to untangle the mess that was previously your set of earphones. Nothing is worse than not being able to listen to your music because your…

Nazareno Translascíon: The mystic pull of the modern day Sisyphus
by Casey Margaret Eridio and Yanna Zhang
Feature // March 6, 2018

The beat of the sun on his back as the sweat starts to drip down unto his brows, he sees the mass of hands, all rising to touch, grasping for even the tiniest bit. The crowd of people pushes harder and Ronaldo feels his lungs wheeze air from the tight squeeze. It’s suffocating. Murmuring a…

Irrational zodiac signs and why it’s okay to believe in them
by Katherine Moro and Kobe Lacsamana
Feature //

Can the positioning of giant balls of gas during the time of our births really help explain our moods, personalities, and even our destiny? Astrology takes up a rather surprisingly prominent role in modern human society. After President Reagan was shot in a failed assassination attempt, his wife Nancy rearranged the Oval Office and had…

Of anti moons and universal acceleration: The Flat Earth theory
by Paolo Pamati-an and Beatrice Del Rosario
Feature // February 28, 2018

It’s 2018. Gone are the days when science was the weird kid at the playground (or at least they should be). Puberty must have hit science hard because it’s now pretty much one of the “cool kids”. Science continues to challenge and defy the boundaries of space exploration, going beyond the limitations of the human…

The nice guy syndrome
by Denise Nicole Uy and Marielle Lucenio
Feature //

A science fiction show that explores the tangled relationship between humanity and technology, it features a unique episode format in which each episode stands alone story-wise. Though there are references to other episodes scattered throughout, for now the show’s creators claim that each episode is a contained story. An episode that has received a lot…

Youtube’s golden boy: Learning from Logan Paul’s mistakes
by Ella Baccay and Marmeelyn Sinocruz
Feature // February 26, 2018

You come home after a long day of school. You set your bag down beside your bed, plop on the seat in front of your computer, and almost immediately go to YouTube to unwind. You expect new content from your favorite creators–maybe a haul video on clothes they bought, a review video on new technology…

The leading women of our history
by Danielle Arcon and Abigail Quirong
Feature // January 19, 2018

Coy, timid, and reserved, she fans herself gently with a wooden hand fan, speaking softly without meeting your eyes.  An image that represents the Filipina virtue is often summarized with a single iconic name: Maria Clara. Her attributes are deeply embedded into our culture; the ideal woman should be dutiful, responsible, and most importantly, the…

A few words on westjacking
by Catherine Orda
Feature // January 16, 2018

An honest and deliberate attempt at self-reflection is sometimes all it takes for some obvious truths to slowly sink in. In my case, the discovery of the inherent ills of Western pop culture happened in batches; in interrupted bouts of conscious culture consumption in which I felt disillusioned seeing the way Hollywood films portrayed non-Western…

The disremembered: Stories from the front lines of Alzheimer’s   
by Katherine Moro, Krizzia Asis and Beatrice Del Rosario
Feature // December 29, 2017

More often than not, the shared memories between two individuals is the thread that holds a relationship together. Now imagine if a gnarled hand slowly came out of nowhere, curled its wretched fingers around that thread, and began to pull–not quickly, not to startle, but slowly as to prolong the pain and agony of watching…