In Review
On the changing landscape of DLSU student politics: A look at the 2009 USG constitution
by Bianca Suarez and Josemaria Rustia
In Review // August 11, 2017

The University Student Government (USG) was established as the new form of government in 2010 following the plebiscite which revamped the Student Council (SC). Accompanying this shift from SC to USG was the ratification of the 2009 USG constitution containing the rights of students, as well as the different guidelines and frameworks by which the…

Assessing students’ right to Grade Consultation Day
by Mikhaela Felix and Josemaria Rustia
In Review News Feature // October 22, 2016

One of the academic rights of students stipulated in the student handbook is their right to see their final examination papers and the computation of their final grades during Grade Consultation Day (GCD). The GCD, typically held before the term officially ends and after final exams week, is a time for students and professors to…

MLS, Animo.sys: Looking into DLSU’s enrollment system
by Yasmin Cariño and Kheem Gines
In Review News Feature // October 21, 2016

DLSU’s My.LaSalle (MLS) system has gone a long way since early 2002. From managing online enlistment, application to graduate, final grades, and now the self-printing of enrollment assessment forms, among others, the system has been comprehensively addressing the needs of the Lasallian academic community. Today, the University’s enrollment system is comprised of the MLS and…

Beyond the Executive: The Legislative Assembly and the Judiciary
by Claro Ignacio Manzano and Althea Gonzales
General Elections In Review // August 8, 2016

The 2016 General Elections (GE) marked the seventh time students voted for the next set of officers to represent them in the University since the transition from the Student Council (SC) to the University Student Government (USG) in academic year 2010-2011. Crafted 13 years ago by SC President Saint Anthony Tiu, the USG was envisioned to…

In Review: DLSU and the Anti-Hazing Law (RA 8049)
by Bianca Suarez, Jill Chua and Ramon Castañeda
In Review News Feature // July 16, 2016

Last May 15, Makati Regional Trial Court Judge Honorario Guanlao dismissed the case against 12 members of the Tau Gamma Phi fraternity involved in the death of Guillo Servando, a sophomore student of De La Salle – College of St. Benilde (CSB). In his resolution, Guanlao stated that the prosecution failed to provide evidence that…

28 years of agrarian reform in Hacienda Luisita
by Ian Benedict Mia
In Review News Feature // July 12, 2016

The 6,453 hectares of land in Hacienda Luisita is rife with history of agrarian reform, which dates back to 1957, when former President Ramon Magsaysay blocked the sale of the hacienda from the wealthy Lopez family in Iloilo. He instead offered the land to Jose Cojuangco Sr. Under the agreement, Cojuangco was supposed to redistribute…

DLSU’s fight against drugs
by Althea Gonzales
In Review // July 7, 2016

  Freshman student Bianca Fontejon (I, AB-PSM) was one of the casualties in the Close Up Forever Summer music festival held on May 22, Sunday, at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds in Pasay. Autopsy results pointed to a massive heart attack as the cause of death. Although unconfirmed, the Green Amore drug is…

Behind the social action fee
by Althea Gonzales
In Review // May 8, 2016

Every term, undergraduate students pay P100 for the Social Action Fee, stipulated under “Special Fees” section of a student’s term assessment. This fund is allocated for use of the University’s Center for Social Concern and Action (COSCA). COSCA is the primary office responsible for DLSU’s community engagement efforts. This article is part of The LaSallian’s…

Dissecting DLSU’s tuition and fees
by Althea Gonzales, Paulyn Navarrete and Marinel Mamac
Feature In Review // March 3, 2016

This article is the first of a series. Deliberations and consultations are currently being done in line with the imminent tuition fee increase for next academic year (AY). The Multi-Sectoral Committee on Student Fees (MSCSF), a consultative body, recently completed its sessions to come up with a tuition fee increase proposal. The MSCSF is composed…

Initiation rites in DLSU organizations
by Jessy Go and Gabriel Hipolito
In Review // September 6, 2014

*Carissa wanted to audition for De La Salle University’s (DLSU) Animo Squad the moment she saw the recruitment booth along SJ Walk. She signed up for a spot in the open auditions and out of excitement, she arrived early at the designated venue of the tryouts. Carissa made it through the first cut; she also…