In Review
The Development Office
by Joshua Yeo and Justin Umali
In Review // August 22, 2012

For Edwin Reyes, Director for the Sponsored Research Administration Office (DSRA), development can mean anything to anyone. But in University parlance, it is international in scope. Other names that identify the office are ‘Office of Development and Alumni Relations Office’ and ‘Development Office’; but the latter is officially known by the title of DSRA. It…

Will it stand strong? On DLSU’s structural integrity
by Jessy Go, Michelle Sta Romana and Marguit Tolentino
In Review //

On September 26, 2009, Typhoon Ondoy brought about intense rains, flooding DLSU’s hallways and walkways, rendering students stranded on the 3rd floor of St. La Salle Hall. The nameless rain brought about by the southwest monsoon, which drenched Metro Manila in 472mm of rainfall over 22 hours, trapped students in the same predicament. Continuous heavy…

Managing congestion, managing risk
by Pilar Go and Hedda Damasco
In Review // June 24, 2012

After just one year of the implementation of the Rationalized Classroom Utilization (RCU) program, the University had decided to revert to the old four-day class schedule. In light of the shift from the alternative scheduling scheme, the administration will instead employ a focus on risk reduction and management. Dr. Corazon C. Subido, Director for the…

Student Politics at DLSU: An ideological diagnosis
by Juan Batalla
In Review // March 28, 2012

by Juan Batalla & Hedda Damasco Come election time, students in DLSU are not afraid to wear their colors. Devout party members from Iisang Tugon Sa Tawag ng Panahon (Santugon) and Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista (TAPAT), clad in yellow and orange and, rush through corridors, troop up stairs and patrol the classrooms in the hopes…

Is it really more fun in the Philippines?
by The LaSallian
In Review // February 28, 2012

Roughly over a year ago, the Department of Tourism (DOT) launched a new tourism campaign for the new administration. Dubbed “Pilipinas ‘Kay Ganda”, the campaign received negative reactions; many perceived that the campaign lacked creativity. Consequently the government pulled back the campaign. Last January, the department launched a new tourism campaign to make up for…

General education system and implications on students’ development
by Pilar Go
In Review // October 20, 2011

Before a student of the University can acquire a diploma and graduate, he or she needs to take General Education (GE) and major courses. As insignificant as GE courses seem, some inflict the same significance associated with major courses to the academic standing of students. Compliance to requirements As a university governed by the rules…

In Review: Saturday classes and longer weeks in DLSU
by Catherine Ng, Michelle Lojo and Caroline De Guzman
In Review // September 25, 2011

Last term marked the beginning of the first run of the Rationalized Utilization (RCU) scheme. Designed primarily as a response to the increasing student density in the University, the new scheme should reduce the classroom utilization rate from 92.81 percent to 77.88 percent. However, the program has led to several social costs. Coping with changes…

In Review: Scrutinizing our computer labs
by lakhmaniestrada
In Review // September 15, 2010

There are 27 computer laboratories located in the different buildings, most of which are found in the Gokongwei Hall. They house around 865 computer units, all have internet connection.