News Feature
The Pillar of Campus Ministry: The Lasallian Pastoral Office
by Jan Emmanuel Alonzo, Deo Cruzada, Ryan Lim and Isabela Marie Roque
News Feature // January 16, 2019

Dedicated to contributing to De La Salle University’s (DLSU) vision-mission of bridging faith and scholarship, the Lasallian Pastoral Office (LSPO) serves as the incarnation of the University’s campus ministry. For decades, the LSPO has been guiding the Lasallian family in faith and spiritual development by promoting the charism of St. John Baptist de La Salle,…

Competing abroad: A closer look into student activities overseas
by Deo Cruzada, Gershon De La Cruz and Joseph Aristotle De Leon
News Feature //

The steady involvement of the University and its student organizations in international competitions continues to draw student participants. For the Model United Nations Society (MUNSoc), La Salle Debate Society (LSDS), and the Hult Prize delegation, much focus is given by senior organization members to ensure that their delegates and representatives are fully prepared and equipped…

HSO services draw flak from students
by Jan Emmanuel Alonzo, Roselin Manawis, Enrico Sebastian Salazar and Frank Santiago
News Feature //

Disrespectful, unaccommodating, and rude—these were but some of the words students chose to describe the clinic staff of the Health Services Office (HSO) after becoming the subject of several scathing posts on the DLSU Freedom Wall last December. The office, which is under the Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Services (OAVCCS), aims…

DLSU officially launches AnimoSpace
by Deo Cruzada and Enrico Sebastian Salazar
News Feature // January 15, 2019

“Today we are launching something very special,” declared DLSU Chancellor Br. Bernard Oca FSC in his opening remarks as he heralded the University-wide implementation of AnimoSpace during its official launching last January 14 at the Philippe Jones Lhuillier Conference Room, Henry Sy Sr. Hall. AnimoSpace is a learning management system (LMS) built on the online…

Twenty seven years in the making: On the graft case of Imelda Marcos
by Ramon Castañeda, Miguel Angelo Rabago and Isabela Marie Roque
National Situationer News Feature // January 14, 2019

Last November 9, Former First Lady Imelda Marcos was convicted of seven counts of graft and corruption by the Sandiganbayan for funneling roughly $200-million—meant to be used as public funds—to offshore Swiss bank accounts during her tenure as the Governor of Metro Manila in the 1970s. Marcos was first indicted by the anti-graft court in…

DLSU professor accused of sexually harassing students
by Maxine Ferrer, Roselin Manawis, Enrico Sebastian Salazar and Frank Santiago
News Feature // January 12, 2019

A post made rounds on Facebook last October when an anonymous Marketing Management student claimed on the DLSU Freedom Wall page that one of their professors, who hailed from the Marketing and Advertising Department (MAD), sexually harassed and humiliated her and her classmates. The post, which has since been taken down along with the original…

In retrospect: The Philippines in 2018
by Miguel Angelo Rabago, Isabela Marie Roque, Frank Santiago and Helen Mae Saudi
National Situationer News Feature // December 31, 2018

Numerous developments in the Philippines were brought to light this year marked also by numerous controversies that sprung up. Economic developments brought about by policy changes related to taxes and inflation were some of the major factors that drove markets. Various politicians were also the face of different controversies throughout 2018, with impeachment trials, corruption…

Lasallian Business Study Tour, noncompliance with University processes prompt BCG suspension
by Ramon Castañeda, Klariz Rae Chen and Deo Cruzada
News Feature // December 17, 2018

Last October 14, students were met with a surprise when the Business College Government (BCG) officially announced through its social media pages that it was on hiatus, and that in its place, the Associate Dean of the Ramon V. del Rosario College of Business (RVRCOB) would step in as the unit in charge of addressing…

Regular adjustment extended amid special adjustment removal
by Gershon De La Cruz and Roselin Manawis
News Feature //

Last July, the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) announced that Special Adjustment passes that allowed students to enroll into classes during the first two days of the term was to be discontinued effective Term 1, AY 2018-2019. In place of this, regular adjustment was extended to last until the first week of Term 2,…

Safeguarding DLSU’s intellectual properties: A look into DIPO and DITO
by Enrico Sebastian Salazar
News Feature //

Leading the advocacy and excellence of intellectual property (IP) knowledge and technology transfer in Southeast Asia for the benefit of society, the De La Salle University (DLSU) Intellectual Property Office (DIPO) is the University’s go-to office in catering to the innovations of its students and faculties. Established in 2008, it was among the first IP…