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New online grade viewing scheme, less problematic
by David Pagulayan
News Feature // September 15, 2010

Anxious freshmen waited for the NGS (No Grade Submitted) to turn into numbers on their My.LaSalle (MLS) accounts as the 8pm deadline for the teachers to submit the grades neared. The other undergraduates, however, were indifferent to the excitement of the younger batch. They know from experience that the MLS system would be flooded and…

First of three parts: The dangers around De La Salle
by Juan Batalla
News Feature //

It was reported in the July issue of The Lasallian that in most cases where DLSU students become the victims of crimes such as robbery and theft, the criminal is usually a third person not affiliated with the school; but in cases involving brawls, it is usually students against each other. These heinous incidents usually…

CoNIC, to head alternative job fair
by Jan-Ace Mendoza
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Underutilization of labor is a social cost of mismatched skills and mismatched work. With only two job fairs each year, which mainly cater to business-oriented courses, students from the other five colleges have a hard time looking for job opportunities that will fit their degrees and interests. This academic year, the Committee on National Issues…

Where are the magistrates?
by Christopher Chanco
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Similar to the Philippine government, our University Student Government (USG) is composed of three branches: executive, legislative and judiciary. Since the new form of government was implemented this year, efforts of the executive and legislative branches have been apparent to the student body; the former being the highest governing and representing body, and the latter…