News Feature
The process of joining the Brotherhood
by David Pagulayan and Sandi Suplido
News Feature // November 29, 2011

From just a handful of Brothers in 1911, the Lasallian Brothers have successfully built a well-renowned institution and educated  leaders in the course of 100 years. The De La Salle Brothers is distributed among the different Lasallian academic institutions around the country and around the world. Serving as faculty members or administrators, the Lasallian Brothers…

The lows of Philippine gun Regulation
by Juan Batalla and Caroline De Guzman
News Feature //

Executive Order (EO) 194, an edict issued by former President Joseph Estrada, stipulates that any Filipino may own firearms provided that such are not used for war; a Filipino may own as many firearms as he or she may desire. Such provisions have recently undergone review as the country’s lawmakers have entered into discussions on…

Unearthing taft’s drainage problems
by Justin Umali, Juan Batalla and Pilar Go
News Feature //

Given the problems in addressing the flooding issue along Taft, the DLSU community has learned to expect the worst during the months of July to September, when the rains usually arrive.

Recruiting the best for DLSU
by Jan-Ace Mendoza, Audrey Virgula and Stephanie Braganza
News Feature //

“Teaching minds, touching hearts and transforming lives” is no easy task, even for a university like DLSU. To begin with, the University needs impeccable faculty members. In his inaugural speech on his installation and in preparation for the Centennial Celebration, DLSU President and Chancellor Br. Jun Erguiza FSC said, “What in effect, is my hope…

Getting student justice in DLSU: All in due time
by Patrick Ong and David Pagulayan
News Feature //

Laws apply to both the governing and the governed. They are kept to maintain order, reprimand wrongdoings and to protect everyone, maintaining equal treatment among those in power and the citizenry. Due process enforces the basic right of protection against accusers, and authenticates the validity of a law-breaking act. As mandated by Art. III, Sec.1…

Dissecting Student Leadership
by Catherine Ng and Noelle Santiago
News Feature // October 20, 2011

A year has passed since the transition from the Student Council to the University Student Government as the autonomous representative body of the students. On its second year, the USG is characterized by numerous milestones. This academic year marks the opening of the student handbook to revisions, the formalization of the separation of RVR-COB and…

The Society of Fellows
by Juan Batalla
News Feature //

Aside from aiming to be the research university DLSU swore to become, the University also invests on other functions such as the quality of faculty, examined through their research output and teaching qualifications, one of the criteria in becoming an internationally recognized university. Hence, DLSU only sees it fitting to recognize the crème de la…

Fighting indifference: The pains in advocacy assessment
by Juan Batalla
News Feature //

The onset of the academic year saw a University Student Government (USG) that held a strong commitment to intensifying information dissemination, University discourse and advocacies. Such commitment was seen through the USG’s efforts in disseminating advocacy campaigns through events, social networking sites and mass print media distribution throughout the two trimesters of its mandate. Advocacy,…

The trade-offs of installing faculty administrators
by Jessy Go and Justin Umali
News Feature //

Atty. Policarpio was late for his Obligations and Contracts class. He entered the room with many things on his mind – test papers to check, research papers to go through and to top it all off, seven written assessments of the disciplinary cases forwarded to him by the Discipline Office. He apologizes to his class…

Creating a world-class image for DLSU
by Patrick Ong
News Feature //

From 1979 to 1998, Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC served as president of DLSU. During those years, DLSU sent professors abroad to study, and to bring back valuable experience to the students and the blooming research university. University Fellow, Dr. Tereso Tullao Jr., reflects on this period as a critical point for DLSU. DLSU professors made…