News Feature
The price of development: DLSU’s financial engagements
by Patrick Ong and Nina dela Cruz
News Feature // October 20, 2011

Recently, DLSU renamed its different colleges, specifically the College of Business (COB) and the College of Engineering to the Ramon V. Del Rosario Jr.-College of Business (RVR-COB) and the Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE) respectively. These institutions were both named after two alumni who relentlessly furnished endowments for further development of their respective colleges and…

Bridging the education gap: DLSU as a school for the poor
by Nina dela Cruz and Juan Batalla
News Feature // September 25, 2011

DLSU’s renewed vision-mission establishes the institution as a University geared towards serving the poor. Br. Jun Erguiza FSC, president and chancellor of DLSU, shares that addressing the concern of the poor has been aways the direction of the University. “[It is also in our best interest] for us to be able to give access to…

A look at the US credit downgrade
by Juan Batalla and Kahlil Carmona
News Feature //

Too much US government spending, too little savings and political indecisiveness compose the gist of the August credit rating downgrade of the United States by acclaimed credit rating agency Standard & Poor (S&P). From a triple-A rating that indicated the country’s extremely strong capacity to meet financial commitments, S&P has given the US, the world’s…

Dissecting ideologies: Partisanship inside the USG
by Catherine Ng and Pilar Go
News Feature //

The University Student Government (USG) is a fusion of the colors blue and yellow, and black and orange, as officers from both parties Iisang Tugon sa Tawag ng Panahon (Santugon) and Alyansang Tapat sa Lasalista (Tapat) occupy the seats of the student governing body. With 60 officers from Santugon and 30 from Tapat, the former currently occupies majority of the seats in the student government.

For Your Information: Intellectual property rights advocates
by Nina dela Cruz and Catherine Ng
News Feature //

The campus is a breeding ground of ideas and knowledge, but the paradox of this privilege is the danger of piracy and plagiarism. The Intellectual Property Advocates (IPA) is the first ever student organization established in the Philippines that aims to spread awareness of Intellectual Property rights. The organization is a neophyte organization under the…

Second batch-level resignation in the USG raises questions
by Sandi Suplido
News Feature // January 23, 2011

As the school year is coming to an end, the Freshmen Arts Students Team (FAST) 2009 batch government loses one of its elected officers to an exchange student program. FAST2009 Batch Vice President Beatriz Marquez is participating in an exchange student program at the National University of Singapore, from January to May. She will resume…

Lasallians suffer from limited campus space
by David Pagulayan
News Feature //

Lasallians’clamor for space cannot be denied, what with the campus congestion very apparent at the canteens during lunch time or at the SJ Walk during breaks.
Fortunately, the ongoing construction of the Centennial Building and the administration’s plans to extend to the De La Salle Canlubang (DLSC) campus make it clear that the University strives to address the problem of congestion in campus.

Students and teachers crossing the line
by Patrick Ong
News Feature //

Nadine saw her History professor getting on the same Taft-bound MRT train as she was. He didn’t see her, but from afar, she saw her professor holding hands with a stranger. She moved closer to the couple only to find out that her professor was holding hands with her batch mate, who was at least 10 years younger than the professor.

Role-shifting: help or hindrance?
by Juan Batalla
News Feature //

With the University Student Government (USG) General Election just a few months away, new hopefuls will soon enter school politics. Old candidates will also run once more, but some of them for different positions.

It’s really happening: Centennial Building construction, commenced
by Jan-Ace Mendoza
News Feature // December 30, 2010

The football field is now off-limits.

Preparations for the construction of the Henry Sy Sr. Hall, more commonly known as the Centennial Building, formally started, Dec. 2.

The wall between North and Velasco Gate was demolished to allow easy transport of construction materials and heavy equipment; excavation has also started to lay the temporary foundation of the building.