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In Depth: Probing plagiarism
by Christopher Chanco
News Feature // November 21, 2010

Plagiarism is like pornography. People know it when they see it, but they don’t take the time to find its real definition. (Clarke, 2006) Clarke, Robert (2006). Plagiarism by academics: More complex than it seems. Journal of the          Association for Information Systems, 7(2), 92. This, according to the American Psychological Association, a style of…

DLSU Taft, to partner with Canlubang campus
by Audrey Virgula
News Feature //

Change keeps on happening. Change seems to be the highlight of the recent span of events in the University. Lasallians say goodbye to the football field to make way for the Centennial building or the Henry Sy Sr. Hall. Retrofitting is underway for the St. La Salle Hall, DLSU’s most historic building. Adding to the…

Orgs, worried over re-accreditation
by Sandi Suplido
News Feature //

The re-accreditation ladder has been climbed by the top 10 organizations under the Council of Student Organizations (CSO). Four professional organizations hailed from COB-SOE, three from COE, and one each from CCS, COS and CLA were this mid-year’s cream of the crop. The usual players still placed while some got defeated.

Eyebrows raised on USG’s fund-raising activities
by lakhmaniestrada
News Feature //

A student pays P930 each term for services and activities of the University Student Government (USG), the Council of Student Organizations and the Student Publication Office, according to the information campaign released by the Office of the USG Treasurer last month, but where does the money go?

DLSU, indifferent to QS results
by teehankee
News Feature // November 5, 2010

DLSU  ranked in the 451-500 range in this year’s Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings, an annual ranking of the world’s top universities. The University’s rank declined from the 401-500 range in 2009 and 2008. Three other Filipino universities entered the top 500: Ateneo de Manila University at 307, University of the Philippines (UP) at…

Employees petition for CBA revisions
by Patrick Ong
News Feature //

Every five years, the DLSU Employee Association (DLSUEA) revises and advocates specific changes in their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). These changes take place because according to Electronics and Communications Engineering lab technician and current DLSUEA President Melvin Marasigan, employees have changing needs throughout their service in the University. Specific attention is given to the retirement…

USG: What difference did it make?
by David Pagulayan
News Feature //

Proponents of the University Student Government (USG) promised that this new form of government, compared with the old Student Council (SC) will enable student leaders to be better at what they do. Plebiscites, on which form of government DLSU should use, were held. Votes were cast. The USG won. The LaSallian takes a look if the USG’s proponents were right.

The dangers around De La Salle
by Jessy Go
News Feature //

Lasallians have too much fun every Thursday.
Last month’s issue of The Lasallian reported that brawls involving DLSU students often take place in the different drinking establishments around the University.

New online grade viewing scheme, less problematic
by David Pagulayan
News Feature // September 15, 2010

Anxious freshmen waited for the NGS (No Grade Submitted) to turn into numbers on their My.LaSalle (MLS) accounts as the 8pm deadline for the teachers to submit the grades neared. The other undergraduates, however, were indifferent to the excitement of the younger batch. They know from experience that the MLS system would be flooded and…

First of three parts: The dangers around De La Salle
by Juan Batalla
News Feature //

It was reported in the July issue of The Lasallian that in most cases where DLSU students become the victims of crimes such as robbery and theft, the criminal is usually a third person not affiliated with the school; but in cases involving brawls, it is usually students against each other. These heinous incidents usually…