News Feature
On Duterte’s first 100 days and beyond
by Rebekah Navarro and Alex Kaluag
National Situationer News Feature // November 17, 2016

The first 100 days of the current administration were defined by various developments and unexpected sentiments from Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.  With his unconventional demeanor and unpredictable behavior, the president has sparked uproar both in local and international media. The war against drugs campaign, for instance, has sparked several controversies, caused social unrest within the…

ITS: Computers on campus to be upgraded soon
by Divine Grace Garcia and Blaise Cruz
News Feature // November 15, 2016

The computers in the University play an important role in the day-to-day activities of both students and professors. Aside from providing convenience for students, they have also been instrumental in facilitating a learning environment that is more effective and an atmosphere that is more conducive to education. Though these computers serve various purposes, some members…

Looking ahead: The future of batch governments
by Bianca Suarez and Divine Grace Garcia
News Feature // November 5, 2016

According to Article XII of the University Student Government (USG) Constitution, batch governments (BG) are responsible for implementing programs and encouraging participation in college-wide and university-wide activities among their respective batches. In academic 2013-2014, the Legislative Assembly (LA) opened the USG Constitution for amendments. Most of the revisions came from Project REFOCUS, proposed by former…

DLSU bags awards in 2016 SGMUN, plans ongoing to form delegation for World MUN 2017
by Rebekah Navarro and Ian Benedict Mia
News Feature // November 4, 2016

For the past three years, DLSU has been sending delegations to several Model United Nations (MUN) conferences. Recently, two delegates from DLSU won the honorable mention and outstanding delegate award during the inaugural 2016 Singapore Management University Global Model United Nations (SGMUN) held last September 9-11. MUN conferences are educational simulations of the day-to-day activities…

Self-printing of EAFs launched
by Rebekah Navarro, Paulyn Navarrete and Ian Benedict Mia
News Feature // November 1, 2016

Students are now able to print their enrollment assessment forms (EAF) through My.LaSalle (MLS). The facility was made available on September 1 this year. It enables students with no pending clearance from any office within DLSU to immediately see the amount they are to pay for the current academic year. The self-printed EAF is accepted…

Examining the practicality of filing grievance cases
by Jill Chua and Mary Grace Dandan
News Feature //

For the past years, the grievance process has been used as an avenue for students and faculty members to address certain conflicts that arise between them and any member of the academic community. There have been instances where, due to the long process, either the cases were never resolved or the complainants decided to drop…

A look at the annual budget of DLSU research centers
by Alex Kaluag and Ian Benedict Mia
News Feature // October 22, 2016

DLSU is composed of 11 research centers that develop projects and initiatives in adherence to the University’s vision of becoming a “leading learner-centered and research university.” According to University Research Coordination Office (URCO) Director Dr. Feorillo Demeterio III, each of the research centers should be able to generate P10 million a year in research funds….

Addressing availability, convenience: E-journals and other library services
by Dab Castañeda and Johanna Ellice Tantoco
News Feature //

As one of the most productive research universities in the Philippines, DLSU prides itself in producing competitive professionals in the field of research. To provide more accessible references and resources to both the faculty and students, the University Library offers a multitude of online journals through the DLSU website.   Accessing MyLibrary accounts MyLibrary, the…

Assessing students’ right to Grade Consultation Day
by Mikhaela Felix and Josemaria Rustia
In Review News Feature //

One of the academic rights of students stipulated in the student handbook is their right to see their final examination papers and the computation of their final grades during Grade Consultation Day (GCD). The GCD, typically held before the term officially ends and after final exams week, is a time for students and professors to…

MLS, Animo.sys: Looking into DLSU’s enrollment system
by Yasmin Cariño and Kheem Gines
In Review News Feature // October 21, 2016

DLSU’s My.LaSalle (MLS) system has gone a long way since early 2002. From managing online enlistment, application to graduate, final grades, and now the self-printing of enrollment assessment forms, among others, the system has been comprehensively addressing the needs of the Lasallian academic community. Today, the University’s enrollment system is comprised of the MLS and…