by Celine Rose Dalag
Opinion // November 9, 2017

Terminal is commonly used to refer to DLSU students who are in their fourth or fifth year or those about to graduate or leave. But why terminal? It has other different meanings, depending on how it’s used. It could mean a display monitor and keyboard, a life-ending illness, or a place where passengers begin or…

This or that? Here or there?
by Kaycee Valmonte
Opinion // November 4, 2017

It is, once again, the season of college applications and entrance exams. Thousands of students have prepared and submitted their requirements to colleges and universities. Graduating senior high school students must now be checking to see which course programs suit them the most and which of the colleges and/or universities they are looking into offer…

Harsh words and weak excuses
by Eternity Ines
Opinion // October 17, 2017

I judge people based on their looks. I stereotype them, put them in boxes, put words in their mouths before I even get a chance to speak to them. I do this on a daily basis—from my daily commute up until my long walk from South Gate to my classrooms in Miguel. I hate that…

Computers replacing humans? It’s all science fiction
by Blaise Cruz
Opinion //

I remember hearing the crowd around me gasp in disbelief as my professor, Human-Computer Interfaces researcher Jordan Aiko Deja, asked everyone to “give computers a chance to be creative.” There was no surprise there. After all, the room was filled with multimedia artists, psychologists, and user experience designers—people who rely on the humanities and on…

Introducing 3×3 basketball to the UAAP community
by Claro Ignacio Manzano
Opinion // October 5, 2017

With the induction of FIBA 3×3 basketball as an official event for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, it will be nice to see the UAAP do the same to its roster of events. Beach volleyball was added as a first semester event as its indoor counterpart is played in the second half of the league’s calendar….

Creativity as a natural process
by Thea Tagulao
Opinion // October 2, 2017

Last Friday, I attended an advertising conference that featured different speakers who came from well-known agencies across the country.  Their resumes boast of years of experience in the various areas of the advertising industry. Throughout the talk, the speakers showed different television commercials (TVCs) that were critically acclaimed and were recognized for their creativity. Not…

To the last four years
by Bianca Suarez
Opinion // September 30, 2017

T-minus two weeks until I cap off my stay in this University. After four years, two program shifts, and 56 units of unnecessary classes, it would be an understatement to say that I am ready to graduate. However, instead of finishing the mountainous amount of work I have due in the next few days, including…

On joys and passion
by Joyce Tseng
Opinion // September 28, 2017

Do what you love. In following one’s passion, this has been a common advice that we grew to follow. But have we actually been able to do what we truly love? On reading Miya Tokumitsu’s criticism of how “doing what you love” is a big myth, we don’t usually perceive work as taking on the…

Tenderness for the vernacular: Jejemons and our inauthenticity
by Cody Cepeda
Opinion // August 23, 2017

Every now and then, I would see Facebook friends sharing a photo of a group of jejemons on my newsfeed, accompanied with the usual caption of ridicule and mockery. Jejemons are people who speak (30WwzZ mxzta n4 p0h,,,?) and dress (stereotypically in a bandana or a colorful cap, oversized shirts, and baggy shorts) a certain…

Practice what you preach
by Althea Gonzales
Opinion //

It’s election season again, and just as candidates and their political parties have started to mark their territories with tarpaulins, standees, and other campaign materials, so has the student body been able to witness various efforts at mudslinging, in hopes of tainting the other party’s name and reputation, as well as stories from students (and even faculty…