Artists: Handle with care
by Isabel Escolar
Opinion // June 3, 2015

We’ve all seen those lists going around the internet regarding what artists (of whatever genre) do and do not want to hear from their viewers. Those posts that go “15 things you should NEVER say to an artist” or in other words, “The 1,000,000 deadly sins towards artists.” Taking the topic seriously though and speaking…

The catch
by Renz Perez
Opinion // June 1, 2015

You know what is to come but you don’t know when it is to come. There is always that uneasiness attached to not completely knowing everything about something, especially if your life depended on it. Almost everyone has known of it. I mean how could one possibly not? A news that big couldn’t just be…

Lost in transition
by Althea Gonzales
Opinion // May 5, 2015

I never used to like travelling, especially travelling overseas. In fact, I detested just the mere thought of boarding planes and going on road trips, both forms of travelling which required passengers to sit still for a couple of hours, depending on the destination. I always felt uneasy during these kinds of trips because I…

To the province
by Ian Benedict Mia
Opinion //

Life in the city has all these rapid changes, but our province seems to remain the same. Away from all the hustle and bustle in the city, it’s in the province where I get to commune with nature, take photos of great sceneries, feel the cold wind during the night, and eat my favorite food,…

Quick ain’t fair
by Gio Gloria
Opinion // May 4, 2015

There are times when the head and the heart contradict one another, and the boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. yesterday turned into one of those instances. In my heart of hearts, I really wanted Pacquiao to win and finally silence the man also known as “Money,” while my head was telling…

In defense of killjoys
by Marinel Mamac
Opinion // April 25, 2015

Facebook timelines are pesky things. While much of my time on this social media site is dedicated to schoolwork on various class Facebook groups (promise), it is also a common practice to scroll down the news feed and see what everyone is posting. One particular post bothered me so much I find myself writing about…

For the students
by The LaSallian
Editorial Opinion // March 29, 2015

This year’s University Student Government (USG) General Elections (GE) has seen over a hundred candidates declared ineligible, several complaints filed against the COMELEC, and an all-time low voter turnout of 35.90 percent. With all the commotion surrounding the GE and the rampant accusations of electioneering and voter harassment, it is a challenge to remember that…

The recurring nightmare
by Ronaldo Manzano
Opinion //

There’s no other way to say it. This year’s University Student Government (USG) General Elections was a disaster. Only 35 percent of De La Salle University’s student body came out to vote, a sharp decline from 62.05 percent in 2014 and 72.23 percent in 2013. This came on the heels of the disqualification of over…

Bigger than me
by John Sarao
Opinion //

When I first got into college, I thought I could do anything. I felt like I could think up the answer to any problem or win any argument. As a result of this inflated perception of myself, I often worked alone. I never joined group studies. I would ask my professors if I could go…

Incentive to learn
by Wilhelm Tan
Opinion //

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard several complaints being thrown around about the way the University Student Government (USG) handles things, especially with the recent controversy surrounding this year’s General Elections (GE). The complaints have ranged from accusations of the candidates’ insincerity, to a lack of transparency among the entire USG, to everything in…