Love is going to the dogs
by The LaSallian
Opinion // October 20, 2011

by Noelle Leslie de la Cruz. Dr. Leslie de la Cruz was Editor in Chief in 1998. She is an Associate Professor in the Philosophy department. Recently, our housekeeper, Ate Dalen, visited her hometown of Quezon and discovered that her stepson had lost one of her dogs. Spike, as the dog was called, followed the…

Make it LaSallian!
by The LaSallian
Opinion //

by July Teehankee. Dr. July Teehankee was Features Editor in 1987. He is an international studies professor. In 1960, a group of students trained their sights as they dreamed a dream, to come out with the best campus paper in town. For they believe, students in La Salle should be informed on what’s happening in…

Lab ko La Salle
by The LaSallian
Opinion //

by Bombit Largoza. Dr. Bombit Largoza was Associate Editor in 1991 and Editor in Chief in 1992. He specializes in Experimental Economics. How much noise should we tolerate in a public space like Medrano Study Hall, and how do we keep it at that level? A couple of students, Andrew Nico Dalisay and Dwight Keifer…

Love and Investments
by The LaSallian
Opinion // October 19, 2011

The general interpretation of the quote “Time is Gold” is that a certain monetary value is lost when time is spent inefficiently. To earn money, we need time, and to make anything worth our time, it needs to be transmuted into money or any of its equivalents. In the same way that money controls international…

The truth hurts
by David Pagulayan
Opinion // September 25, 2011

Society already has an established framework on certain things and beliefs. The set of principles that was thought to us by our parents have contributed to this framework. Our experiences that created the very fiber of our beliefs also have been a factor. Such framework, along with how we were raised and how our environment…

Before the crossroads
by Patrick Ong
Opinion //

Jesus once said, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.” The answer—do not. “I had a brother!,” said a member of the Bielski partisan, as she hit a German soldier with the end of her rifle. A crowd of justice-hungry Jews beat the soldier to…

Why we did not make it
by Jessy Go
Opinion //

None of the top four universities in the country was included in the top 300 Asian universities in the most recent QS World University Rankings.  Concerned citizens, whether parents, students and even lawmakers, point out that the results prove the degradation of the education system in the country. According to a QS ranking advisory board…

Loving and leaving
by bombarda
Opinion // January 23, 2011

Watching all the episodes of the Friends series and reading too many novels set in New York has enticed me to take a big bite of the Big Apple. For so long, I’ve entertained fantasies of walking the halls of Columbia and living the life of a starving writer, or reading hundreds of manuscripts as…

What were you doing before the internet?
by Audrey Virgula
Opinion //

An intriguing question, isn’t it? Many of us would rather not even think about those “dark ages” anymore. I have painful recollections of spending long hours in the school library looking for decent material about Levi Celerio before the internet existed. It makes sense; a lot of readers may not even know who he is….

Manny Matters
by Imman Canicosa
Opinion //

The biggest boxing story for the past year was, to nobody’s surprise, the Manny Pacquiao-Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight that never happened. “Pretty Boy” had more conditions than a kidnapper, ranging from the split of the earnings of the potential mega-buck fight to the blood test he wanted Pacquiao to take before and after the fight….