Opportunity in sacrifice
by Anthony John Tang
Opinion // April 18, 2016

I was, in a short while, an immigrant in a far off country. The warm humid air I was accustomed to was now cold and dry. The sky was bright and clear much like one back home, yet it was not hot and sultry. The frost brought a strange chill to my lungs. My bones…

Off the map
by Renz Perez
Opinion // April 15, 2016

Twenty-seven attempts but to no avail. For the modern-day Filipino, this phrase would be seen as an opportunity to interject hugot lines about failure and rejection. But let me save you from all the bitterness that we are all bound to outgrow by saying that this is not about sad tales of such. You’re welcome….

Responding to the chaos
by The LaSallian
Editorial Opinion // April 11, 2016

The past few weeks have been crazy for several prominent universities in Metro Manila. Last March 28, the Ateneo de Manila University received yet another bomb threat from a still undetermined source. Students, faculty, and staff were then swiftly evacuated while the bomb squad conducted two sweeps of the campus. Only a few days passed…

Law Bending
by Miguel Luis Gayares
Opinion // April 7, 2016

On March 8, 2016, Mary Grace Natividad Sonora Poe Llamanzares, or simply known as Grace Poe, became an official presidential candidate after the Supreme Court of the Philippines gave its legal blessing to reverse the ruling of the Commission on Elections to cancel her certificate of candidacy in the 2016 Philippine elections. As a foundling…

by Marinel Mamac
Opinion // March 23, 2016

It has been a month since Manny Pacquiao sparked outrage among LGBT groups and allies for his masahol pa sa hayop statements, for which he has since then apologized online. The consequences of his 28-second interview excerpt, copies of which have been circulated and discussed extensively on social media, have been disastrous — first on…

Only human
by Wilhelm Tan
Opinion // March 9, 2016

On December 29th, 2015, I hit a car. It wasn’t a huge crash or anything like that, and thankfully, no one got hurt. Still, it was the first accident I had ever gotten into, and it’s safe to say it shook me up quite a bit. At the time, I was just hoping to get…

The privileged
by Anthony John Tang
Opinion // January 26, 2016

As I enjoyed my steaming cup of peppermint mocha in a Starbucks branch somewhere in Mandaluyong, I could not help but overhear the conversation from the table behind me. They were probably my age, at least mid-20s or younger, and much like every coffee table conversation right now, they were talking about the upcoming national…

Elect, defect, repeat
by The LaSallian
Editorial Opinion // January 22, 2016

Politics has been an uphill battle since before this year’s freshmen were born. The continuous changes in political climate — woven intricately with social and economic upheavals throughout the years — make it difficult to identify clear progress, and our collective inability to properly recognize the root of our problems may have led us to…

Ready, get set, no
by Miguel Luis Gayares
Opinion // November 25, 2015

The Philippines is far from being ready, the Filipinos are a long way from being set, and yet we all still must go towards a new international venture in the hopes that progress and change does exist beyond the shadows of empty promises. Let’s put things into perspective and as blunt as it could possibly…

Setting priorities
by Michi Dimaano
Opinion //

Like a typical millennial, I spend a lot of time on Facebook. Among the usual food videos, I saw a post saying that there is nothing wrong with putting your priorities (especially yourself) first before everyone else in your life. The next day however, I came upon a post saying the exact opposite, that your…