An engineering education
by Anthony John Tang
Opinion // September 28, 2015

Engineering is universal. It is all around us, in every inch of our world and every fiber of society. It may be invisible, and it may be monumental. It is there, always. From the brisk winds that flow furiously through the Cory Aquino Democratic Space to the massive pillars of which the Henry Sy building…

Who’s responsible?
by Ian Benedict Mia
Opinion // August 25, 2015

Last November 8, 2013, many parts of Eastern Visayas were literally wiped out by Super Typhoon Yolanda. The government immediately began its rehabilitation work with an initial budget of P160 billion. Foreign aid from different countries also started to come in, amounting to an estimated total of P740 million. By October 2014, the government funds…

Hate, not appreciate
by Miguel Luis Gayares
Opinion // August 16, 2015

In the song entitled No Better Blues, Chancelor Bennett, or better known by his stage name Chance the Rapper; simply sang about the things that he hate the most. One of the verses in this particular song talks about how Bennett hates his bed, the dog, the couch, the road, the bar, his boss, pancakes,…

Disappearing wounds, lingering scars
by Gio Gloria
Opinion // August 1, 2015

There’s no other place to look for proof that time doesn’t always heal everything than in sports. Though instances such as LeBron James’ return home to Cleveland and Luis Suarez being an integral part of FC Barcelona’s treble may erase earlier “transgressions”, these outliers don’t mask the notion in sports that wounds may heal, but…

Aquino’s silence and the people’s voice
by Marinel Mamac
Opinion // July 31, 2015

Through television screens, streamed videos, and web updates, millions of Filipinos watched as President Benigno Aquino III climbed the steps towards the podium at the plenary hall of the Batasang Pambansa and began his sixth and last State of the Nation Address (SONA) last Monday, as protesters conducted their own People’s SONA along Commonwealth Avenue….

Not okay
by Michi Dimaano
Opinion // July 18, 2015

Recently, my friends and I have been night biking twice a week as an attempt to be fit. One night, we rode around an area that we don’t visit often. The trip there was similar to our previous ones, except for one thing. Even though we didn’t pass by a lot of people, we still…

Wishful thinking
by Marinel Mamac
Opinion // July 5, 2015

A few days ago, I decided to subject myself to the indulgent torture and emotional rollercoaster of diving into the abyss I have come to know as the comment sections of local news coverage on last week’s Pride March. #FightForLove: Iba-iba, Sama-sama was the 21st celebration of Pride in Metro Manila, headed by Task Force Pride…

The add-on
by Merielle Co
Opinion // June 21, 2015

I was always told to think ahead and always be ready for life after graduation. Study well, establish good connections, and build up a good résumé. Entering college, I thought of different ways to stand out. Maybe getting high grades wasn’t good enough anymore. Maybe I needed to up my game. And that’s when I…

Artists: Handle with care
by Isabel Escolar
Opinion // June 3, 2015

We’ve all seen those lists going around the internet regarding what artists (of whatever genre) do and do not want to hear from their viewers. Those posts that go “15 things you should NEVER say to an artist” or in other words, “The 1,000,000 deadly sins towards artists.” Taking the topic seriously though and speaking…

The catch
by Renz Perez
Opinion // June 1, 2015

You know what is to come but you don’t know when it is to come. There is always that uneasiness attached to not completely knowing everything about something, especially if your life depended on it. Almost everyone has known of it. I mean how could one possibly not? A news that big couldn’t just be…