The problematic tax
by Althea Gonzales
Opinion // February 3, 2017

Just recently, House Bill No. 4723 or “An Act Imposing Excise Tax on Cosmetic Products, Amended for the Purpose Section 150 of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1997, as Amended” was submitted to Congress. Many netizens took to social media to express their discontent for the proposed 10 to 30 percent tax to be…

Mental health amidst social media
by Ian Benedict Mia
Opinion // January 27, 2017

The year 2016 has caught us by surprise. Among recent events were the victory of Donald Trump in the recent presidential elections of the United States, the monumental 9-5 decision by the Supreme Court, and the sudden burial of the dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB). Meanwhile, social media sites remain…

Authenticity in Anonymity
by Jonathan Dizon
Opinion // January 14, 2017

Who doesn’t love calling out liars red-handed? From a senator guilty of plagiarism, to a pop singer lying about song lyric permissions, the media thrives on exposing tall-telling public figures. MTV even produced a spin-off of an indie series centered on ‘catfish’, revolving around what else—people deceiving other people. Business is good, apparently, with the…

The price of remembering
by Bianca Suarez
Opinion // January 11, 2017

We would often rather forget all the bad things that happen to us. Embarrassing experiences. Failed classes. Bad break-ups. Unlike in that one episode in Black Mirror, we can’t just go through our memories and relive them whenever we want. Therefore, with our limited storage space, why waste it on the bad stuff? And as…

Drawing the Line
by Althea Gonzales
Opinion // January 3, 2017

Just recently, President Rodrigo Duterte in a speech in Malacañang issued a threat to human rights activists, telling them that he will be forced to kill them should they continue interfering with his war on drugs campaign. Because these people pin the rising number of casualties and killings on Duterte, he also stated that such…

Project management
by Isabel Escolar
Opinion // November 28, 2016

Eat, sleep, study, and work. A never ending cycle of doing what you have to do and not what you want to do. This is how I felt the moment I started working on multiple on-call part-time jobs. I never even realized it until one of my friends asked me on the progress of my…

The temptation of authoritarianism
by Bianca Suarez
Opinion // November 26, 2016

After having a debate about democracy and authoritarianism, my professor asked my class which form of government we’d prefer. To her surprise, those who spoke up chose authoritarianism. At the time, I myself was one of those in favor of authoritarianism with the condition of an exceptional leader. I am not sure if my decision…

Virtue before virality
by The LaSallian
Editorial Opinion // November 11, 2016

In this day and age, it’s normal for people to measure things in likes and shares on Facebook or Twitter. Whether it’s a competition scored on the number of likes a picture receives, a company constantly monitoring data to determine how to strengthen its viewership and reach, or even a teenager thinking up a funny…

A passing fad
by Wilhelm Tan
Opinion // November 5, 2016

Last September 3, an anonymous post accusing members of the University Student Government (USG) of corruption was uploaded on the DLSU-Manila Secret Files page. I’m not here to discuss whether or not our student leaders are stealing money, or about the problems of transparency and accountability within the USG, however. Instead, I want to talk…

Don’t rush
by Tinsel Joaquin
Opinion //

A month into the term and you can already see various booths held together by the university’s different organizations scattered inside campus, while many people are going around, hearing the different visions of the several available orgs as told by their experienced members and looking for the ones that interest them . It’s that time…