Travel, but worry about money
by Wilhelm Tan
Opinion // July 8, 2017

A couple of years ago, I came across an article (whose title I’ve paraphrased into the title of this column) written on a website called The Financial Diet. It was entitled Why “Don’t Worry About Money, Just Travel” Is The Worst Advice Of All Time. In it, author Chelsea Fagan challenges the multitude of articles…

Being insane in sane places
by Joyce Tseng
Opinion //

As one of my professors in Psychology bid farewell to end the term, he reminded the class that mental health problems affect all of us and it should be okay to talk about it. As that thought slowly sunk in, what surprised me was the honesty he had and the guts it took to admit…

Taking a breather
by Isabel Escolar
Opinion //

As I write this column, at the back of my head, a tiny voice repeats the same words that are written on a resignation letter I just submitted. A few weeks ago, I found myself ranting nonstop to my brother about this job where I’d start the day with a bowl of being unappreciated for…

In response to martial law
by The LaSallian
Editorial Opinion // July 1, 2017

It has been a tumultuous few weeks for the Philippines. Last May 23, firefights and clashes between the Philippine government and Maute troops erupted in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur, after failed attempts by the military to arrest Abu Sayyaf leader Isnilon Hapilon, who was reported to have been in the city. The death toll…

The impulse to create
by Allana Aldea
Opinion // June 29, 2017

The Department of Tourism (DOT) recently unveiled their new campaign slogan last June 12, with the tagline “Experience the Philippines”. To set things off, DOT released an advertisement entitled “Sights”, which features a Japanese retiree who visits several spots in the Philippines. The ad later reveals the retiree to be blind, saying, “You don’t have…

Anime and why you should give it a chance
by Bianca Suarez
Opinion // May 22, 2017

I never thought that I would be writing a column about anime; however, as the art form consistently gets rejected and belittled despite the growing number of beautiful pieces, I can’t help but try to reach out to people to give it a chance. Usually, when I tell people that I watch anime—unless I’m speaking…

A renewed sense of urgency
by The LaSallian
Editorial Opinion // May 20, 2017

Last April 4, a magnitude 5.4 earthquake hit the province of Batangas, and tremors were felt in Metro Manila and the rest of the southern part of Luzon island. A series of aftershocks that would continue throughout the next four days was capped with more powerful twin earthquakes that hit the same province on April…

On the need to call out
by Angelika Tirona
Opinion // May 1, 2017

It’s been said before: End call-out culture. I’m sure we’ve all witnessed this trend online, where when you find a post that sounds wrong when you read it, you proceed to share or retweet it for more of your friends to see. You probably add a piece of your mind to that repost too, so…

Tasteless and trivializing
by Althea Gonzales
Opinion //

Imagine this: a daughter, coming home to the province, on board the bus, stuck on the highway. A trip that should have taken 2 hours at most has stretched 15 minutes past, then 30. Her phone rings, and she awakens from her nap. It’s her mother on the other end. “Did you feel that?” the…

Selective apathy today
by Tinsel Joaquin
Opinion // April 8, 2017

Thanks to the internet, we now live in a world where all kinds of information are easily accessible as it gets passed on every second, every minute, and every hour of the day. Now this, in itself, is not a bad thing. But as this pool of information grows, it gets tiring to take in…