Sports Feature
Coach Alvin Ocampo: In the life of Football
by Renzo Miguel Mercado and Juro Morilla
Sports Feature // June 21, 2018

Behind every brilliant team is a brilliant mind. For DLSU Football, assistant coach Alvin Ocampo serves as La Salle’s silent tactician along the sidelines of Hans Smit’s coaching staff. The LaSallian had the chance to sit with the assistant coach of the Football teams to talk about his journey rising through the ranks and how…

A professor’s perspective on student-athletes
by Danielle Erika Capule and Renzo Miguel Mercado
Sports Feature // May 18, 2018

Aside from excelling in the field of sports, student-athletes also have to attend their respective classes. With the tireless efforts they give during games, it is indeed difficult to juggle both academics and training. Although it is an obvious stereotype among student-athletes, some continue to go beyond what is expected of them. The LaSallian sat…

Busting myths on vegetarianism
by Andrea Punzalan and Katrina Mañalac
Sports Feature // May 3, 2018

Vegans and vegetarians are quite common in terms of their diet but they also have their differences. Vegetarians are people who do not eat any meat, whether it be fish, beef, pork, chicken, or any by-products that have resulted in animal slaughter. Vegans, on the other hand, just like vegetarians, also exclude any form of…

Green Gallery: Jamica Arribas
by Angeline Valenzuela and Roberto Matibag
Green Gallery Sports Feature Student Spotlight // April 9, 2018

Students live a life where juggling academics and organization work is the name of the game; but that is not the case for fourth year Sports Management major Jamica Arribas, who lives the life of a student-athlete away from her home. Living in the bustling streets of Bacolod City, Arribas picked up a love for…

Abu Tratter: Life away from Taft
by Juro Morilla
Sports Feature Sports News Student Spotlight // March 24, 2018

Despite standing at 6’6, Abu Tratter stayed away from the spotlight during his collegiate days with the DLSU Green Archers as he did his job completely under the radar. The Filipino-American was overlooked several times but it did not stop him from helping the Green-and-White reach the finals twice and clinch a championship at the…

Brothers for life: Mathew Custodio and Chris Lawless
by Brent Guiao and Danielle Erika Capule
Sports Feature Student Spotlight // March 15, 2018

They say friends are special because they are the family not given to us, but the ones we get to choose. Even fewer than those are the true best friends who know almost everything about our lives and have been there for us in both the ups and downs. Mathew Custodio and Chris Lawless are…

Green Journal: Michelle Cobb has arrived
by Patrick Quintero
Green Journal Sports Feature //

“Siguro, it’s a different kind of pressure.” Michelle Cobb sits on a bench in the Enrique Razon Sports Complex, a day after the Lady Spikers’ win against UE. A year after being put in the line-up for the first time, everything feels different for Cobb; A greater role, an increased level of skill, and, not…

Green Journal: Ignacio Escaño
by Brent Guiao
Green Journal Sports Feature // March 11, 2018

After a disappointing year in Season 79, the DLSU Green Batters are back in the finals, ready to reclaim the UAAP’s top spot. With their match-up against the AdU Soaring Falcons just a few days away, The LaSallian caught up with last season’s Most Valuable Player, Ignacio Escaño. In his first Green Journal, he talks…

Making waves in the UAAP: Fahad Alkhaldi
by Andrea Punzalan and Angeline Valenzuela
Sports Feature // January 23, 2018

Behind every success story, there is always a point of origin. This then encapsulates the journey which one takes to achieve it. DLSU Green Tanker Fahad Alkhaldi (III, BS-AEI) shared his personal thoughts and experiences throughout his swimming career.     Early course Starting at the age of five, Alkhaldi already developed an interest for…

A journey through the eyes of the captain: Immanuel Donato
by Angeline Valenzuela
Sports Feature // January 19, 2018

As the UAAP Season 80 tournament of the De La Salle Taekwondo (DELTA) team came to a close, results were promising as the men’s team improved their overall ranking from last season to fourth place. Immanuel Donato, team captain of the men’s team, shared his thoughts with The LaSallian everyday throughout the competition.    …