Sports Feature
Narciso brothers flourish for the Green Tankers
by Patrick Quintero and Andrea Punzalan
Sports Feature // January 5, 2017

Getting into the water can be scary; the depths can seem intimidating. While some people take time before they learn to swim, however, it seems like an inborn talent for others, as if they were born with fins for arms and gills for lungs. For brothers Benjo Narciso (IV, SPM) and Miggy Narciso (III, FIN),…

Neil Puyo: Testing the waters
by Jose Rafael Mendoza and Andrea Punzalan
Sports Feature // January 4, 2017

A fun fact unknown to most is that babies are natural swimmers. Thus, the phenomenon coined as “infant swimming”, where newborns have the ability to control their breathing and navigate while under water is innate in everyone. However, as people hit their pre-teen years, most mystically lose that natural ability to swim. For Arian Neil…

Davao athletes take on bigger stage
by Marnellie Alegre
Sports Feature // December 22, 2016

With the pressure to perform both on and off the court, the life of a student athlete is definitely not easy. The same can be said about adjusting to a new city. While each is in itself a difficult hurdle to overcome, certain students are faced with the demanding task of handling both. Though Lasallian…

Kib Montalbo regains swagger
by Renzo Miguel Mercado and Gio Gloria
Sports Feature //

Among all the factors that can affect an athlete’s performance, fear is perhaps the most daunting. From the doubt that comes from a serious injury to the sight of an imposing defender, fear can impact the psyche of a player and completely change the complexion of a game, season, and even a career. Coming off…

Top 10 Moments of the Green Archers in Season 79
by Patrick Quintero and Brent Guiao
Sports Feature UAAP 79 // December 21, 2016

The DLSU Green Archers’ title run has been a spectacle for basketball fans, especially for Lasallians. From the opening game against the FEU Tamaraws to the final buzzer against the ADMU Blue Eagles, each game was filled with moments worth telling future generations. From the numerous intense and emotional moments the team provided, The LaSallian…

Seniors spearhead Green Archers’ run to 9th UAAP title
by Gio Gloria
Sports Feature UAAP 79 // December 18, 2016

As the final buzzer sounded, four men held their hands up high and shouted for joy for one last time. Jeron Teng, Jason Perkins, Thomas Torres, and Julian Sargent capped off their careers in a way all athletes dream of but only a few achieve: winning a championship. After three years of mixed results, the…

Green Journal: Ben Mbala v.8
by Claro Ignacio Manzano
Green Journal Sports Feature // December 7, 2016

Much has happened to Ben Mbala after undergoing an extra year of residency and sitting on the sidelines for three years. From watching the Green Archers miss out on last year’s Final Four bus, he has led the team all the way back to the top step of the podium. In his final version of…

The seniors of the DLSU Green Archers: One last ride
by Brent Guiao and Marnellie Alegre
Sports Feature Sports News // December 5, 2016

With a championship-clinching game looming against the Blue Eagles, the Green Archers will look to bring home their first championship since 2013. For seniors Jeron Teng, Thomas Torres, Jason Perkins, and Julian Sargent, it will be their last chance to represent and bring pride to the Green-and-White. Beginning of the end With the conclusion of…

Aljun Melecio rises up to the occasion
by Claro Ignacio Manzano
Sports Feature Sports News UAAP 79 // December 4, 2016

Coming straight out of high school and immediately becoming an established member of La Salle’s rotation, Aljun Melecio has been able to rise up when things mattered most for the DLSU Green Archers. As a De La Salle-Zobel Junior Archer, Melecio was the team’s primary playmaker and scorer. At DLSU, however, the rookie found himself in contention…

Green Journal: Ben Mbala v.7
by Patrick Quintero
Sports Feature //

It’s four days before the UAAP Season 79 Finals. The DLSU Green Archers are still waiting to see who they will face, between the ADMU Blue Eagles and the FEU Tamaraws. Almost half an hour past 8 pm and the team has already been running sets for hours, vying to perfect their play. Mid-play, Coach…