Sports Opinion
Halftime thoughts: The declining allure of live sporting
by Brent Guiao
Sports Opinion // February 17, 2019

As a sports fan, few things beat the experience of being in the arena and enjoying a game, right? The deafening sound of cheers, the emotional roller coaster ride that is most sporting events, and the thrill of being there for your team’s most memorable moments—there truly is nothing better. If this is all true,…

Halftime thoughts: There’s more to sports, not just Men’s Basketball
by Patrick Quintero
Sports Opinion // January 18, 2019

There is no team quite like the DLSU Green Archers, and nothing compares to the ecstasy felt when the University’s basketball team wins in the UAAP. The team has given La Salle nine championships, the most recent of which was in the 2016-2017 season, and has remained as a top contender in the league. The…

Halftime thoughts: Monikers for individuality or Green Archers as a whole?
by Katrina Mañalac
Sports Opinion // November 13, 2018

As we close in on the first half of the UAAP, by now we know that our teams have specific names or “monikers” as they call it. For example, the badminton team are called the Green and Lady Shuttlers. For the chess team, the Green and Lady Woodpushers, and so on and so forth. These…

Request to shift: Denied
by Jose Reyes
Sports Feature Sports Opinion // October 22, 2018

Another year has begun, and for this school year, new courses and a new curriculum was implemented for the new batch of students. However, some courses remain pure to their roots, and one of those is the Sports Management (SPM) program, which is exclusively offered to athletes. The SPM program was established back in 2002…