Sports Revisited
Ian Lariba: A legacy enshrined
by Andrea Punzalan
Sports Revisited Student Spotlight // October 28, 2018

Former DLSU Lady Paddler and Philippine Olympian Ian Lariba passed away last September 2, after losing her battle to acute myeloid leukemia. As the Lasallian community witnessed Lariba’s journey as a student athlete, The LaSallian looks back at the brief but bright career of one of the greatest athletes to don the Green-and-White. Former teammates…

Francis Zamora: From Archer to Public Servant
by Josef Fuentebella
Sports Revisited // December 22, 2014

The life of an athlete is not an easy one to live, especially here in the Philippines. They are highly regarded by many people because of their talents in a certain sporting field, with their ability to astonish the crowd with the grace and skill that only a few people can ever reach. Many would…

Looking back: Legendary movers of La Salle’s court
by Renee Nicole Tuazon
Sports Revisited //

Nowadays, students and fans alike will most likely answer Jeron Teng, Thomas Torres, or Arnold van Opstal when asked who their favorite Green Archer is. Considering they are actively playing for the team, it is no surprise that these personalities are the ones who will top the list. However, if one were to ask an…

A ghost from the past: The early struggles of the DLSU Batters
by Josef Fuentebella
Sports Revisited // October 21, 2014

Baseball was a relatively new sport for the Lasallian community back when the school first joined the UAAP in 1986. Although, despite the fact that many students were already familiar with the sport, the gameplay that is experienced in a collegiate league was still considered as an uncharted territory for both the team and the…

Life after dark: The ‘suspension’ story of the DLSU Booters
by Luigi Jacinto and Gio Gloria
Sports Revisited //

2006 was a dark year for the entire DLSU sports program as a University-wide suspension prevented Lasallian athletes from competing in UAAP Season 69. In a season that saw different rival universities ascend to the championship throne, La Salle, especially its contender teams such as the DLSU Green Booters and Lady Booters, could only watch…

2005 & 2007 DLSU Lady Spikers: In victory and defeat
by Josef Fuentebella
Sports Revisited //

It is undeniable that the DLSU Volleyball team has produced some of the best volleyball players of the country today. Whether they are currently in the collegiate league or in the professional arena, the likes of DLSU Lady Spikers Mika Reyes and Ara Galang as well as former stars Abigail Maraño and Michele Gumabao always…

Kurt Bachmann Jr.: A celebration of #33
by Gio Gloria and Mico Montemayor
Sports Revisited // August 31, 2014

Kurt Bachmann Jr., who unfortunately passed away last August 29, was the one who started it all for La Salle.

Throwback: Green Archers in the PBA
by Marion Mamac and Joseton Lichauco
Sports Revisited // May 26, 2014

  There is no “I” in team is a concept that every sports team should understand in order to attain success. In a team sport such as basketball, although it is possible to have a single player carry the team to victory at some games, there is no such thing as a one-man team. Even…

Lasallians pick the best sporting moment of the year
by Ronaldo Manzano
Sports Revisited // December 19, 2013

A year ago, many things were uncertain for Lasallians with regards to the sporting world. UST still reigned as the 14-time UAAP General Champions though for the nth time, DLSU was right up there challenging for the top spot. The Lady Spikers, on the other hand, had several doubters after they lost their opening UAAP…

The Year Revisited: 13 Things to watch out for in 2013
by Ronaldo Manzano, Gio Gloria, Mico Montemayor, Maria Teresa de Borja, Rogie Vasquez, Dana Uson and Miguel Luis Gayares
Sports Revisited //

Before 2013 began, The LaSallian brought you 13 exciting things to look out for in 2013 from the entire DLSU Sports Program. It was a year of ups and downs, but in the end, it seemed like no other UAAP school had a better year than DLSU in the world of sports. Now, as the…