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Manifesto grammar fixes, STCG resignations highlighted in LA session
by Enrico Sebastian Salazar
Straight News // February 20, 2019

The Legislative Assembly (LA) convened in the University Student Government (USG) Session Hall last February 18 to finalize two resolutions addressing the recent arrest of Rappler head Maria Ressa and commemorating the 33rd People Power Revolution anniversary. Only 15 representatives were present in the proceedings, reaching an implied quorum—the minimum number needed to pass a…

The dynamics of power in bride-machines: On marrying older ‘white’ men
by Eliza Santos and Helen Mae Saudi
Straight News // February 17, 2019

“I bought you, and I spent much on you.” This was but one of the common rebuttals older ‘white’ husbands would resort to based on accounts of Filipina ‘bride-machines’. Dr. Janet Arnado, a professor of the Behavioral Science Department, and a researcher on the phenomenon of Filipinas marrying older ‘white’ men, recounted these in the…

The cost of education: DLSU tuition through the years
by Roselin Manawis, Isabela Marie Roque and Helen Mae Saudi
Straight News // February 16, 2019

P350,429.28—this is the cost of sending a child to DLSU for one term, if one were to ask the Student Council (SC) in 1991. Twenty eight years ago, The LaSallian published an article titled Can you still afford to send your kids to La Salle in 2019? which projected the cost of enrollment in the…

Journalists, supporters stand with Rappler amid Maria Ressa arrest
by Ramon Castañeda and Enrico Sebastian Salazar
National Situationer Straight News // February 14, 2019

“No amount of legal cases, black propaganda, and lies can silence Filipino journalists who continue to hold the line.” This was a statement quoted from Maria Ressa, Chief Executive Officer of Rappler, who was arrested late afternoon on February 13 by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) due to her alleged connection to a cyber…

Sexual harassment manifesto delays, unfilled EDGE2018 seat tackled in LA session
by Warren Chua and Isabela Marie Roque
Straight News // February 13, 2019

The Legislative Assembly (LA) mulled over another delay in the release of their manifesto on the recent sexual harassment issue during their session held last February 11, a week after its unanimous approval and a month after the issue was first published by The LaSallian. The cause of the delay, the representatives claimed, was the…

Juvenile justice, children’s future discussed in KAMALAYAN forum
by Ryan Lim and Miguel Angelo Rabago
National Situationer Straight News // February 10, 2019

Last February 8, the Kapihan ng Malalayang Lasalyano (KAMALAYAN) forum on Juvenile Justice and Welfare was held at the Learning Commons, sixth floor of Henry Sy Sr. Hall with the aim of providing information and an avenue for multilateral discussions between different sectors of society. In attendance for the forum were public school teachers, pastors,…

Going boldly into the future with DLSU Job Expo 2019
by Gershon De La Cruz and Eliza Santos
Straight News //

The Office of Counseling and Career Services (OCCS), together with partner companies and government agencies, held the DLSU Job Expo 2019 last February 4 and February 6 to 9 at the Cory Aquino Democratic Space. With the theme Go Boldly Into The Future, the week-long event showcased career opportunities to senior high school, undergraduate, graduate…

Civic groups protest lowering of MACR outside Senate compound
by Jan Emmanuel Alonzo
National Situationer Straight News // February 5, 2019

Protesters flocked to the Senate gates last February 4 to rally against the proposal in Congress to lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility (MACR). Various civic organizations—several of whom were members of the Child Rights Network (CRN)—were joined by political parties and educational institutions in their fight for children’s rights. Speakers from these groups…

Sexual harassment manifesto unanimously passed by LA
by Frank Santiago and Eliza Santos
Straight News //

After two sessions of intense debate, the Legislative Assembly (LA) unanimously passed a resolution for a manifesto on the recent sexual harassment incident during their session last February 4. The statement was in response to an article published by The LaSallian last January 10 that highlighted claims of sexual harassment against a DLSU professor. In…

USG opens student financial assistance programs
by Joseph Aristotle De Leon and Helen Mae Saudi
Straight News // February 3, 2019

Several student financial assistance programs such as scholarships, grants, and subsidies that seek to help Lasallian students were introduced to the student body during the University Student Government (USG) Financial Services Launch held at the USG office last February 1. In collaboration with the DLSU Science Foundation, De La Salle Alumni Association (DLSAA), and other…