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Heavy rains dampen Kick-off
by megatienza
Straight News // November 5, 2010

With the combined efforts of the University Student Government (USG), the DLSU men’s and women’s football teams, DLSU Parents of University Students Organization (PUSO), and Council of Organizations (CSO), the football field was given a sendoff party called Kickoff, which included a concert and a whole day bazaar.

Explosion wounded at least 44 people during the last day of Bar exams September 27
by The LaSallian
Straight News // September 27, 2010

180 DEGREE TURN. What everyone anticipated to be a day of celebration turned into a day of tragedy. Around 5 this afternoon on the last day of the Bar exams (Sept. 26), an explosion wounded at least 44 people who were at the vicinity of the DLSU campus where the Bar exa…ms were being held….

Case Study: The Beach House carnap incident
by Juan Batalla
Straight News // September 15, 2010

There is always the question of safety and security in drinking and smoking establishments around DLSU, especially in light of theft and similar crimes being committed in these premises. One of the more recent incidents is a carnapping case that happened, Aug. 19. The victim, Arnina San Pedro (III, MFI), recounts that she parked her…

A month after the election, FE disqualification disputes capped
by Christopher Chanco
Straight News //

After a long tug-of-war of disqualification and re-qualification, the outcome of the Freshmen Election (FE) has come to a close. Alyansang Tapat Sa Lasalista (Tapat) incurred a total of three major offenses, which caused the party’s disqualification during last month’s Freshmen Election (FE). Tapat appealed to the magistrates one of their two minor offenses and…

In Brief: LSDS hosts Asian schools debate for the last time
by The LaSallian
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The La Salle Debate Society (LSDS), with its goal of spreading debating inside and outside DLSU, pioneered the Asian Schools Debate Championships last year. The first of its kind, ASDC is a debate tournament for high school students across Asia. ASDC was again held in DLSU this year with three Asian regions represented and over…

Lasallians top guidance counseling board exams
by The LaSallian
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Six Lasallians placed in the top 10 of the August guidance counselor licensure examination. Lasallian Risalina Ubas placed first with a score of 87.05. Second in rank is Laramie Tolentino, scoring 86.50. Fourth placer Niko Gagolinan and tenth placer Rachel Ong scored 86.25 and 85.30, respectively. Liberty Ochavo and Cinderella Francisco, two other examinees from…

LSDC-Street has the groove
by melranda
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No sweat was wasted as the Street division of DLSU’s La Salle Dance Company (LSDC) brought home gold after participating in Maximum Groovity 6 last Aug. 27 at Crossroad 77. It is LSDC-Street’s second time to join the interschool dance competition, according to Gino Ong, former president of the organization. LSDC-Street made a risky decision…