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Then and now: Youth activism in DLSU
by Maxine Ferrer, Yasmin Cariño and Jill Chua
Straight News // February 14, 2017

Hundreds of issues, controversies, and scandals alike trigger mixed reactions from different kinds of people. The undergraduate college students, in particular, have brought about new knowledge, fresh learnings, and cognizant beliefs that are extensively formed from their classes. Like other universities, DLSU has continually been active in taking part in national efforts for pressing issues…

Student sectors highlight plans and achievements in COLE 2017
by Ian Benedict Mia
Straight News // February 11, 2017

The University Student Government (USG), in collaboration with several student sectors such as the Council of Student Organizations (CSO), Professional Organizations of Business and Economics (PROBE), College of Liberal Arts Professional Organizations 12 (CAP12), Student Media Office (SMO), and Culture and Arts Office (CAO), held the Convention of Leaders last February 10, 2017 at the…

51.7 percent of students in favor of tuition fee increase —USG survey
by Divine Grace Garcia and Ian Benedict Mia
Straight News // February 5, 2017

Out of 1,009 respondents surveyed by the University Student Government (USG) Office of the Executive Treasurer (OTREAS) regarding the tuition fee increase (TFI), 51.7 percent claimed that they were in favor of such an increase. The survey was conducted from October to December 2016. It can be noted that, most recently, the University has been…

A year in review: DLSU 2016
by Kheem Gines and Samantha Cenizal
Straight News // January 30, 2017

The past year has been a rollercoaster of events, bringing both developments and challenges for the Lasallian community. With the beginning of a new year, The LaSallian looks back on the significant and memorable events that transpired in the University last 2016.     Myriad of challenges brought by K to 12 Prior to the…

DLSU confers honorary doctorate to 2007 Nobel Laureate Eric Maskin
by Maxine Ferrer, Divine Grace Garcia and Ian Benedict Mia
Straight News // January 12, 2017

Last January 11, 2017, 2007 Nobel Laureate in Economics Professor Eric Maskin was conferred by DLSU the honorary doctorate in Economic Sciences. Following the conferment was a lecture delivered by Maskin at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, entitled “Why global markets have failed to reduce inequality.” The conferment and lecture were organized under the partnership of…

USG OTREAS conducts focus group discussion on tuition fee increase
by Ian Benedict Mia
Straight News // December 21, 2016

Last December 20, the University Student Government (USG) Office of the Executive Treasurer (OTREAS) conducted a focus group discussion (FGD) regarding the tuition fee increase. The discussion was led by Executive Treasurer Brian Chen and was attended by students from different colleges. On the FGD The students agreed that the tuition fee increase will be…

In review: DLSU research grants and external support
by Dab Castañeda and Maxine Ferrer
Straight News // December 19, 2016

Research projects conducted in DLSU are annually allocated with funds in accordance with the University’s research objectives. Some research projects, however, require very high budget allocations due to a number of factors, one of which is the researchers’ aim to become highly competitive in terms of the processes and tools utilized.   In another look…

SHS Student Council initiates first round of projects
by Jill Chua, Yasmin Cariño, Rebekah Navarro and Vivean Pallera
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Current students of DLSU’s Senior High School (SHS) are regarded as the pioneer batch of the University since the enactment of the K-12 program. The SHS program was meant to address the lean years wherein a drop in freshman enrollment is expected to occur. The SHS program offers three academic strands for its students: Accountancy,…

DLSU ROTC reinstated after facing yearlong suspension
by Rebekah Navarro, Kheem Gines and Debrah Louise Tabaquero
Straight News // December 3, 2016

The DLSU Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) has been reinstated after being suspended for the entire academic year (AY) 2015-2016 due to hazing allegations in the Advance ROTC program. DLSU ROTC Deputy Corps Commander John Villamiel and Dean of Student Affairs Amelia Galang confirm the reinstatement and reveal that the program will be offered again…

Netizen draws flak for spreading unfounded allegations on DLSU
by Althea Gonzales
Straight News // December 2, 2016

A certain Richard Camarinta Dy on Facebook came under fire for posting yesterday a screenshot of a message stating that Lasallians who joined the mobilization last November 30 “were forced to attend” and “if they stay till late at night, the Prof. will give additional points.” The post was taken down around noon today, December…