Student Spotlight
Student managers: The unsung heroes of La Salle sports
by Danielle Erika Capule and Katrina Mañalac
Sports Feature Student Spotlight // August 12, 2017

Athletes do everything they can to win a championship. From dietary plans to rigorous training to playing in front of a crowd, they are extraordinary individuals who strive to excel at their chosen sport. But behind every athlete’s success are the student managers who work just as hard as the athletes by looking after and…

Equestrian: A sport like no other
by Danielle Erika Capule and Juro Morilla
Sports Feature Student Spotlight // March 6, 2017

Equestrian is a sport not familiar to most, and several may even find the game uninteresting to watch due to not understanding its mechanics. Equestrian is not just horses jumping around, however, but it is a sport that requires rigorous training and a sense of great responsibility. For equestrian athletes and fans, what draws them into…

Bannering Bacolod, the City of Smiles
by Marnellie Alegre
Sports Feature Student Spotlight // February 5, 2017

Bacolod City: the heart of Negros Occidental and home of some of the most beautiful sights, grandest festivals, and most delicious delicacies in the Philippines. Known as the city of smiles, it is no secret that it is a home of people with big welcoming hearts and even bigger personalities. Talent can be found all…

Keith Uy and Carlo Dionisio: New kicks for La Salle’s Jins
by Danielle Erika Capule and Dan Jerusalem
Sports Feature Student Spotlight // October 22, 2016

Two places short of a championship during last season’s taekwondo tournament, both the DLSU Green Jins and Lady Jins hope to bounce back and reclaim the throne this coming Season 79. Aside from ending the season with Kyle Arsenal being named Rookie of the Year for the men’s division, prized rookies such as Keith Uy…

First semester athletes to look out for
by Patrick Quintero
Sports Feature Student Spotlight UAAP 79 // October 18, 2016

All eyes are on the reigning UAAP General Champions, De La Salle University. The Green-and-White have a target on their back; they are the team to beat, and the road to keeping the title in Taft for Season 79 will not be an easy one. This challenge will only get tougher throughout the year, even…

The DLSU LPEP Green Guide: Meet the developers
by Nathaniel Sierras
Feature Student Spotlight // October 17, 2016

Back then, the typical DLSU freshmen in their first few days could be described as utterly lost. Every year, there are fresh faces on campus wondering what ‘A708’ is, and spending hours trying to figure out how to survive in Taft. Thanks to the La Salle Computer Society (LSCS), however, this year’s freshmen are the…

Bea Escudero: Chasing courtside dreams
by Gio Gloria and Brent Guiao
Sports Feature Student Spotlight // October 14, 2016

For some, dreams are things one must aspire towards, no matter how long it takes, and no matter whatever it takes. Dreams can be achieved in a span of a few weeks, a couple of months, or even over the course of a year. What matters most is that one clings to that dream, because…

Lin Javier: DLSU’s resident Valak
by Celestine Sevilla and Samantha Faye Se
Feature Student Spotlight // August 23, 2016

You might remember hearing sudden cries of terror coming from all around the campus in response to the undead pointing towards Haunted Hall during University Week, but possibly the most terrifying among all of them was the main villain of The Conjuring 2 herself. Complete with a nun outfit, ashen skin, and ghostly white eyes,…

Aldrich Shih: Brewing a business
by Samantha Faye Se and Wilhelm Tan
Student Spotlight // April 22, 2016

“That’s when I really started loving coffee. It changed my perception of [it as] just a stale, bitter drink, but it opened me to the perspective of how it [can be] a lot different… how some can have [a] fruity taste, how some can have a chocolatey taste.” Different people have different interests. Some may…

Angelo Casimiro: On building a name for himself
by Nadine Macalalad
Student Spotlight // March 23, 2016

With the recently released seventh episode of the Star Wars saga, George Lucas’ sci-fi phenomenon has been everywhere. People are donning shirts featuring the likes of Darth Vader and Yoda, and profile pictures with Kylo Ren’s infamous crossguard lightsaber have been popping up around social media. Capitalizing on this sudden hype, Angelo S. Casimiro, a…