Student Spotlight
Jonathan Beltran: Giving back to the University
by Nathaniel Sierras
Feature Student Spotlight // October 26, 2015

For many Lasallians, the subject of graduation often brings up questions about where they’ll work after, or how much they’ve got on their resume. Rarely does the conversation steer towards what lasting impact a student makes on the University they leave behind. Jonathan Beltran (II, MAPLS), or Nathan, is one person who aims to make…

The making of comic book artist Rysa Antonio
by Cirilo Cariga
Student Spotlight // September 24, 2015

Flipping through the pages of Carlo Vergara’s highly-adapted Zsazsa Zsaturnah, or Gerry Aranguilan’s international award-winning Elmer, she looks like a regular comic book fan raving on these local graphic novels—you wouldn’t have guessed that she was also a comic book artist herself. A newcomer in the comic book scene, Rysa Antonio (IV, CAM) is already…

The challenge of a lifetime
by Wilhelm Tan
Feature Student Spotlight // July 31, 2015

How does a trip to New York City sound to you? How about an offer to work for one of the largest and most prestigious banks in Southeast Asia? What would you say to 1,000 US dollars? These are the stuff of dreams for most students, goals that the everyday Lasallian might strive for in…

Of books and beats: King Puentespina
by Paulo Yusi
Feature Student Spotlight // June 4, 2015

Donning a blue floral polo shirt, charcoal above-the-knee sport shorts, a pair of Nike Air Maxes with green highlights, and Ninoy Aquino-eqsue spectacles, King Puentespina (IV, MGT) somehow manages to mold his seemingly incoherent wardrobe choices into an eclectic ensemble. “This is my grandfather’s. I got it from this sort of treasure chest along with…