Writer’s recap
The bright lights of Asia Pop Comic Con
by Anthony John Tang
Writer's recap // September 26, 2015

As you entered the convention hall, you witnessed a sight like a hall of champions. Black carpets covered the floor. Vibrant hues of lights glimmered through the matted darkness. A big screen stood at one end of the hall, showing scenes of a fallen star destroyer buried in a vast desert, in tune with the…

More than books: A look inside the Manila International Book Fair
by Daniel Ian Comandante
Writer's recap // September 22, 2015

The Manila International Book Fair (MIBF), now on its 36th edition, has become somewhat of a pilgrimage for Filipino lit lovers and bookworms. Known for its bargain prices, with discount rates as high as 90% off, and sightings of local and international authors, the MIBF has become an annual staple for those looking to satiate…

SiKuna: The rekindling of Filipino art
by Anthony John Tang and Krizzia Asis
Feature Writer's recap // August 14, 2015

The sky was gray, the clouds thick, and the air heavy with suspended silence. At the entrance, goers were huddled in a circle carrying all sorts of percussion instruments—empty water gallons, bamboo, cow bells, tambourines, and wooden sticks. A man steps to the center and raises his cow bell and thin wooden stick to begin…

21st Metro Manila Pride: Marching towards hope
by Anthony John Tang
Writer's recap // July 1, 2015

Banners of rainbows waved in the wind, glistening in the dull afternoon sun firmly and proudly. The crowd of supporters that had gathered ran furiously as stoplights turned from green to red, and vice versa. They ran wearing grins on their faces; a happiness of belonging somewhere, of being home in a crowd. Despite a…

An average Filipino’s Holy Week
by Wilhelm Tan
Feature Writer's recap // April 3, 2015

Holy Week can mean a lot of things, depending on the persons being asked. For several students, it might be the chance to enjoy a long break from classes. Meanwhile, for others, it’s the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city for a weekend and retreat to a more relaxing and…