Dr. Antonio Contreras: Unashamed and unapologetic
by Cody Cepeda and Wilhelm Tan
Feature Menagerie // August 21, 2017

Dr. Antonio Contreras is no stranger to controversy. These days, he is most known for actively sharing his opinions on varying political issues through his Facebook account. Whether it is comparing two typhoons and their corresponding wind speed and fatalities based on the president at the time and nothing less, or shaming a student whose…

Finding love in diversity: A look into interracial relationships
by Westin Perez and Casey Margaret Eridio
Feature Menagerie //

In the never-ending shared posts and videos on Facebook feeds, Jinky “Madam Kilay” Anderson, a Filipina known for her vastly overdrawn eyebrows and aquamarine hair, somehow finds her way to capture everyone’s attention. As one clicks on one of her videos, one would immediately notice, after her striking look, is a Caucasian man conversing with…

Thrifts, threads, and things: Manila’s best markets and thrift shops
by Isabella Argosino and Audrey Giongco
Feature Menagerie // August 18, 2017

Some might argue that shopping is a mundane chore meant for the bare necessities like the sheets you haven’t replaced in five years and the occasional lamp for your aunt’s birthday, while others will say that retail therapy is the way to go. For the latter folk, sometimes all it takes is a new bag…

The Lasallian Soundtrack: Law School Playlist
by Alfonso Dimla
Feature //

In lieu of the first few weeks of classes of the DLSU College of Law, The LaSallian figured they’d give the fresh meat about to embark on the path to legal excellence a much-needed introduction to the many (oh so many) lows and incredible highs bound in the law school experience. We know you’re still busy…

Resorts World Manila attack: The day the mall stood still
by Celestine Sevilla and Lance Villarosa
Menagerie // August 9, 2017

The clock turns midnight and with it comes the echoes of gunshots and smokescreens of fire exiting the Resorts World Manila. A horror scene much like in the movies, now so much more visceral and enigmatic, with the suspension of disbelief bordering reality. About a month later and still, that haunting scene resides among the…

The rise and rise of contractual workers
by Celestine Sevilla and Jaime Papa
Feature Menagerie // July 28, 2017

Not too long ago, rallies protesting the practice were rather common. Unfortunately, nothing significant would come from them. For the unaware, contractualization is a common business practice characterized by keeping employees under short-term contracts and not classifying them as “regular employees.” Corporations, especially larger ones, do this as a means to cut down on the…

The Art of Cut and Paste: Manila’s digital collage scene
by Adrienne Tan and Danielle Arcon
Feature Menagerie // July 26, 2017

There are viral fads that come and go, and then there are those that linger, even changing the scene entirely. If you’ve been one of the 81 million viewers of the spectacle that is Coldplay’s recent Up&Up music video, then you’ve borne witness to a photomontage in motion. Whereas photomontage has been a surrealist technique…

Sheer dehumanization: Fake nudes and revenge porn
by Denise Nicole Uy and Katherine Moro
Feature Menagerie //

We swipe open our screens, tap through hundreds of apps, and mindlessly slogging through the vast amount of information available at the tips of our fingers. Thumbs up for memes, double tap for that vacation photo, angry react at the barrage of fake news invading our space. Everyday, hundreds and thousands of photos are posted…

In pursuit of independence
by Eternity Ines and Nadine Macalalad
Menagerie // July 11, 2017

The four walls of our family houses have always been home to us. It is where we eat, sleep, do homework, learn our first words, and form our most valuable bonds. For a lot of people, leaving the confines of these four walls is unthinkable simply because the doors of their home have always been…

25 Cents: Generation X
by Anthony John Tang and Nicole Wong
Menagerie //

It takes only one generation for everything to change. A lifetime is enough for a whole new world to emerge from the depths of human civilization. It is this change that separates us from the past and ourselves. It defines us, may it be a generalization or a stereotype. Such is the case for our…