Growth in today’s cancelled culture
by Sophia Nicole Cruz
Feature // January 22, 2019

  The Oxford Dictionary hailed “toxic” as 2018’s word of the year. When a word garners that title, it means that it has reached certain social relevance. What made an entire generation use this word so much during this period? What message does this tell us? Nowadays, “toxic” is more than just a label that…

FTK 2019 and the Lasallian spirit of volunteerism
by Sabrina Joyce Go
Feature //

For the Kids (FTK) 2019 kicked off its program this January 20 with high excitement. The mini-olympic event invited children with special needs, called “angels”, to participate in a meaningful day with their Ate and Kuya volunteers. Already on its 30th anniversary, it coincides with the tercentenary celebration of St. John Baptist De La Salle’s…

Blurring lines in between appropriation and appreciation
by Isabelle Santiago
Feature // January 20, 2019

I remember the days when my tiny feet were marching along with people who were dressed in saris, flamencos, kilts, kimonos, cheongsams, and all the other dresses representing the globe; my school called it appreciation of different cultures. I remember the days when my tiny fingers were flipping through pages of history books learning the…

Examining the humanity of animal cafés
by Emily Lim, Glenielle Nanglihan and Yanna Zhang
Feature // January 17, 2019

With the rise in popularity of animal cafés, anyone who is fond of these lovable creatures now had a go-to place for food and warm hugs. Yet, a now viral post on social media brought a more critical eye toward these animal wonderlands. As Wagging Tails, a pet café, became increasingly notorious among netizens, so…

Frame by frame, play by play: A closer look into sports commentary
by Anakin Garcia and Erinne Ong
Feature //

With every pulse-pounding sports game on your television or phone screen, there is always a pair of voices feeding you the action on the court. They detail the patterns, the numbers, and the activity of all the athletes in sight. Their narrative, mixing with the boisterous cheers from the crowd, provides the ebb and flow…

(K)in defiance: The blaze that is non-conformity
by Blair Clemente and Glenielle Nanglihan
Feature // January 16, 2019

Family has a hallowed place in Filipino society. For decades, the model of the nuclear family has been hailed as the archetype of virtuous citizens in a strong community. The dutiful wife, the provider husband, two children, and a nice home—the only thing society will deem as the epitome of a fulfilled life. Anything different…

From reality to fiction: “Papa’s House, Mama’s House”
by Sabrina Joyce Go
Feature // January 15, 2019

In Jeanette Patindol’s award winning children’s book, Papa’s House, Mama’s House, a young girl takes us through the ups and downs of life with separated parents. Growing up, my parents had to live in different houses due to my father’s health issues. My sisters and I would often wind up with weird schedules—lunch at this…

Rant & Rave: The Other Side of the Wind
by Frank Santiago
Feature Rant & Rave //

“There are these divine accidents. It’s the only thing that keeps films from being dead.” Orson Welles often attributed the best part of films to what he called “divine accidents”—the perfect shot or even the perfect scene was born from these, he claimed. Perhaps it’s a divine accident then that after over four decades since…

Too much or too little? : Examining the art of reinvention
by Ella Baccay, Blair Clemente and Beatrice Del Rosario
Feature // January 14, 2019

  “New year, new me” is a saying that has been repeated since time immemorial, or at least since Facebook was invented. The way we choose to express ourselves is a constant work in progress. The thought of reinventing oneself has probably crossed everyone’s mind once or twice. Whether it’s finally going to the gym…

To Kill Is to Live, To Live Is to Die: The Complexities of Trophy Hunting
by Isabelle Santiago
Feature //

On a planet where humans have been making use of animals for their own consumption and survival, there has been much debate over the morality of this practice. Trophy hunting, in particular, has been one of the most antagonized forms of hunting in today’s generation. As explained by BBC Wildlife, trophy hunting is the hunting…