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Flipping the underground scene: Lyrical rhymes of FlipTop artists
by Sophia Nicole Cruz and Kay Estepa
Feature // January 14, 2019

As the clock strikes nine at night, an audience fills up an arena. People crowd every side of the platform, wanting to be as close to the action as possible. Up on that platform, an artist builds up his confidence and rehearses the lines he crafted for the battle ahead. A member of the FlipTop…

Excelsior! : The legacy of Stan Lee
by Nadine Macalalad and William Ong
Feature //

No one can deny that being a “comic book geek” has never been more mainstream than in the past decade or so. It seems as though every other month, a new comic book movie is hitting the screen with packed cinemas full of dedicated fans. This recent boom in the comic industry can arguably be…

On resolutions: Resolve or restart?
by Westin Perez and Enrico Peliño
Feature // January 13, 2019

The new year comes with plenty of promise. No one can know for sure what it holds, but the potential it has is near limitless. Perhaps this is why resolutions for the new year is such a common practice among people. Maybe it’s the idea that the year can be molded and shaped into what…

Murals for the Masses: Liberating Art from the galleries to the streets
by Denise Nicole Uy, Kay Estepa and Anakin Garcia
Feature // December 21, 2018

Often mistaken as mere vandalism or graffiti, street art is the physical manifestation of the imagination and philosophy of artists who lift the context of their work from the elements of the streets. Archie Oclos, a Filipino street artist, explains that street art is usually situated in an urban setting. “They could be two-dimensional works…

A DLSU Christmas for all
by Anakin Garcia and Blair Clemente
Feature // December 20, 2018

A White Rice Christmas When I was in Senior High, I isolated myself in class. I would be terrified about interacting with any of my classmates. Even in lectures, I would hold back from reciting even when I knew my answer was correct. Anytime I pushed myself to step up, I was stopped by the…

Beneath the glitter: Sacrifices behind festivities
by Emily Lim, Isabelle Santiago, Marmeelyn Sinocruz and Yanna Zhang
Feature //

Christmas in the Philippines has always been about reuniting with loved ones. Most often, it is spent with the people we hold most dear. But not everyone can celebrate Christmas day with their loved ones. The LaSallian looks at the lives of four individuals whose Christmas tales take a different turn to what many are…

From stage to streets: The challenging art of street theater
by Glenielle Nanglihan, William Ong and Marmeelyn Sinocruz
Feature // December 18, 2018

Convention dictates that the best and the grandest of shows be held in the glitziest of stages. But theater, like all forms of art, is all-encompassing. It transcends the walls that attempt to contain it. It always finds its way to the places people less expect it to be—like the streets. The unpredictability of the…

DLSU Freedom Wall: Speak your mind but be kind
by Blair Clemente
Feature // December 17, 2018

Filipinos love social media. Back in February, a study by the London-based group We Are Social made rounds in the news when they reported that, with an average of roughly 4 hours a day, we top the charts when it comes to global social media usage. To the average young adult, sites like Facebook, Twitter,…

Rant and Rave: The Haunting of Hill House
by Sophia Nicole Cruz
Feature Rant & Rave //

Tis the season to be jolly, but before we bask in all things merry and bright, let us look back at all things grim and spooky. October is a month associated with Halloween and all things horror, so it is no surprise that a lot of scary movies and shows are released during this time….

Phases and interfaces: The humanity behind the science
by Erinne Ong
Feature //

A mug sits on a window sill, as if waiting to catch a ray of sunlight, a stroke of inspiration. Perhaps it is yearning for rain, the next drop of genius to fill its cup, so that when the morning coffee has been drained, the much-awaited eureka moment would finally materialize. Science has built its…