The mysteries of resurrection: On near-death experiences and revivals
by Danielle Arcon and Westin Perez
Feature // April 18, 2017

From sentiments of surprise, skepticism, and even wonder, near death experiences are labeled with a wide spectrum of reactions, but easy to dismiss is not one of them. The tales of those who’ve died, been to the other side, and came back are plenty. And it’s often met with an assorted mix of responses. Some…

The pieces of Maher Al Raee, the Filipino citizen
by Catherine Orda and Jaime Papa
Feature //

Maher Mohammed Al Raee spends his afternoons in calm contemplation. With a mug of tea in one hand and a cigarette in the other, he settles comfortably in his chair, surveying his idyllic neighbourhood, and taking in the afternoon breeze and figures that flit through the streets: Tricycles, cars, the occasional passerby. A look of…

How to save a life: Behind suicide hotlines
by Casey Margaret Eridio and Adrienne Tan
Feature // April 14, 2017

In the disarray of mindless switching tabs, you anxiously wait for a reply from just about any of the five friends you already messaged. In the sea of furniture and familiarity of your own room, nothing seems to put you at ease. You’re alone with your thoughts. Unknown to many, the country actually has a…

The life of the Golden Gays
by Audrey Giongco and Marielle Lucenio
Feature // April 9, 2017

A burned, dilapidated house is being renovated in one of the streets of Pasay. What used to be filled with laughter, singing, and playful banters is now empty of its tenants, only occupied by the workers rebuilding the destroyed house. This used to be the home of the Golden Gays, a group of old gays…

Towards Feminization: Defining the women experience in STEM
by Krizzia Asis and Nadine Macalalad
Feature // April 4, 2017

  Among the films that were shown in the 42nd Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) last December, it was the teen comedy Vince, Kath, and James that tackled the issues of sexism in the workplace head-on. In the film, Vince and Kath are both engineering students and are co-interns for an engineering company. In one…

Every Girl Can: Traversing the terrains of Filipina feminism
by Krizzia Asis
Feature Writer's recap // March 31, 2017

The definition of feminism varies from context to context–what is empowering for one woman may not be for another–that the way then to make sense of feminism as a movement is to accept that, at its periphery, it changes form and shape depending on the type of women that we are magnifying. In the Philippines,…

For battered or for worse: Tales of the abused
by Casey Margaret Eridio and Marielle Lucenio
Feature // March 16, 2017

The woman has the face of a saint. People call her a mestiza, porcelain-skinned with rosy cheeks. She is the feminine ideal: Shy, demure, modest, loyal, submissive. Her name is Maria Clara. Key to lock, she gently enters the room that changes it all. Her long dark hair is tugged and used to drag her…

The wonder of children’s books
by Krizzia Asis and Eternity Ines
Feature // March 11, 2017

The illusory concept of time permits us to create a sense of a past and future self. It sets the stages of life, too: Being a child with urgent needs for comfort and warmth, an adolescent awashed in the pressure of finding an identity, an adult weighed by the demands of a society to contribute…

EDSA Revolution revisited
by Katherine Moro and Nadine Macalalad
Feature // March 7, 2017

Thirty-one years ago, Manila was brought to a standstill. Along Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue, the usual lines of vehicles were replaced by throngs of people as millions of Filipinos took to the streets and reclaimed the democracy that they had been deprived of, displaying their honor and courage for the whole world to see….

Food in review: New stalls in Animo Biz
by Eternity Ines and Samantha Faye Se
Feature // March 6, 2017

A new year comes with new trends, new styles, and new flavors. One of the staples we bring into every new year is food. Life in the University is not in any way different; we are always on the lookout for the newest and freshest restaurants. This is why numerous stalls line the University, all…