The dawn of a new era: Writer’s recap of the 11th Business Management Student Convention
by Yanna Zhang
Writer's recap // December 2, 2018

Last December 1, a large number of internal and external participants seated themselves comfortably at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium (TYA) for the 11th Business Management Student Convention (BMSC). Not limiting the event to the participants from the University, students from different organizations and schools piled into TYA. The red letters of ‘BMS’ onstage seemed to…

LSDC-Folk’s Gunita: A deepening and strengthening of cultural heritage
by Addy Binoya and Ramon Castañeda
Writer's recap //

Craft. Technique. Elegance. It was indeed a night worth remembering; an aesthetically pleasing array of performances that when witnessed, definitely adheres to one’s mind. The group of artistically inclined individuals that is the La Salle Dance Company-Folk (LSDC-Folk) showcased phenomenal performances of folk and tribal dances in Gunita, a celebration of their sixth year anniversary,…

The profusion of pasts: A peek into past life regression therapy
by William Ong and Celestine Sevilla
November 25, 2018

No one knows yourself better than you do, yet there are moments when self-understanding does not suffice in solving recurring issues in one’s life. So, the real question is, how well do you know yourself? What if the root of your problems is you, yet not you? That’s when you take a peek into who…

Grasping the past: An inside look on LSDC Folk dance concert anniversary
by Addy Binoya
Feature // November 24, 2018

The history of Philippine folk dance dates back to our roots as a people, and it continues to flow well in the current of our culture. Reflecting the richness of our heritage, folk dancing still retains its ties to the past whilst evolving into something more generation after generation. Once again, the La Salle Dance…

Queer Eye: Fulfilling the gay agenda
by Eternity Ines
Feature //

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was released on American cable television in July 2003. The premise of the show relied on gay men—belonging to fields considered as gay stereotypes—helping straight men get their life together. The show was successful, garnering positive critical reception as one of the most innovative, original, and entertaining reality shows…

Living clean. Living…mean: The intentional, mindful, zero-waste lifestyle
by Beatrice Del Rosario
Feature //

It started with a turtle. As she found herself staring at her screen, appalled by the gruesome sight of a plastic straw being pulled out of the harmless sea creature’s nose, Phoebe Blas knew she had to do something to overturn this chaos humans have caused with our apathetic expending of the earth’s resources without…

A lifetime of steel: dogs and cages
by Westin Perez and Emily Lim
Feature //

Dogs have the honor of being known as man’s best friend, but with that honor comes a twisted reality. With the popularity of dogs naturally comes a demand for adorable puppies to love and spoil. This desire has led to man manipulating these dogs to get their “ideal dog” through breeding. But when is enough…

PRESS RELEASE: GUNITA — the 6th Anniversary Dance Concert
by The LaSallian
Press Release // November 22, 2018

The La Salle Dance Company – Folk is the official folk dance group of De La Salle University-Manila under the Culture and Arts Office. The company expresses the traditional values of Filipinos through its dances and moves its audience toward a sense of love for its own culture. In celebration of our diversely rich Filipino…

Ink and identity: A Mambabatok’s legacy enthralls the stage
by Erinne Ong and Enrico Peliño
Writer's recap // November 21, 2018

Presented by Harlequin Theatre Guild (HTG) under the Culture and Arts Office, a four-show rerun of Ang Huling Mambabatok was staged at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium (TYA) last November 16 to 17. Written by Em Mendez and directed by Romualdo Tejada, it starred HTG members Stefanie Lim, Sheilette Barcelon, Alexa Faith Samodio, and Jastine Alfonso….

Vices, Virtues, and the Thin Line inbetween
by Glenielle Nanglihan
Feature // November 11, 2018

“This morning we are going to face the hard truth.” Those were the words spoken right before the speaker, Mary Jane Brennan, was introduced. True enough, she has made a career out of making people realize the hard truths. A certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor, she has spent most of her life traveling to…