The kuwatro standard
by Alexis Sobremonte
25 Cents' Worth Feature // October 14, 2016

Working on our rough edges can be quite tricky at times. We are all constantly soldiering on through life to “seek a Great Perhaps”, like Pudge in John Green’s Looking for Alaska. The best of us graduate with honors, but lack honor. Through the challenges we face in various aspects of our young lives, a…

Rant and Rave: Live @U27
by Flores Gilda
Rant & Rave //

“I saw them live!” The above quote showcases a myriad of emotions—from unexplainable exhilaration, ecstatic sensations, and wholesome appreciation. Apparently, one of the trends that causes such feelings nowadays is music festivals, an event whose on-goers are usually fans and lovers of bands, DJs, musicians, or music in general. The vibe of jumping up and…

Expectations vs. Reality: First Job
by Josienne Cordova
Feature // October 13, 2016

Let’s admit it,  we’ve all somehow planned out what we intend to do with our first paycheck. But, have we ever given any thought about our first job? While it may be daunting, landing that first job is undeniably a huge milestone in any young adult’s life.  As Lasallians bid college farewell, they now say…

A glimpse into the world of beauty pageants
by Eternity Ines and Anthony John Tang
Feature //

An elaborate display of women in shimmering night gowns and smiling faces is not new in any country’s colorful history. Women being paraded and gazed at because of their beauty isn’t an entirely new concept either but beauty pageants take it into royally new heights. With dashing beauties, harder question and answer portions, and exciting…

by Michi Dimaano and Nadine Macalalad
Feature // October 8, 2016

Thanks to the calendar shift, gone are the days of one month breaks before the start of a new school year. Although short breaks aren’t alien to students, it’s understandable that some might feel rattled until now. Fret not, for an escape is possible—through reading a book, that is. Here are a few suggestions for…

The face behind the prestige: Getting to know Dr. Aristotle
by Eternity Ines and Nadine Macalalad
Feature // September 30, 2016

The best and brightest of the department of Mechanical Engineering gather on the highest floor of the tallest building in the University, and make magic happen in DLSU’s very own bio-culturing laboratory. Although math and science are based on logic and reason, Dr. Aristotle Ubando uses these tools to create new life. Many would be…

Sink or swim: Stories of fresh grads
by Alexis Sobremonte and Jaime Papa
Feature // September 29, 2016

Think of it as a whole new level of Werewolf on Telegram. You’re a lowly villager whose life has been dedicated to being industrious and hardworking, yet you’re vulnerable to wolves who can devour you within seconds. Parallel to the game, there are a number of possible real-life scenarios which can occur once you graduate…

A look inside the Temple of Heaven
by Audrey Giongco and Anthony John Tang
Feature // September 28, 2016

When you made your way towards the retreat house for your LASARE1 or LASARE2 along Agno Street, you probably saw this ancient looking temple to your right. With its green roofing and high red gates, it looked quite out of place in the busy street of Fidel Reyes, located in between makeshift houses. Believe it…

Breakup playlist: Singles for the single again
by Isabella Argosino and Nicole Wong
Feature //

Breakups are messy. Anyone who tells you they ended “on good terms” forgot to include the part where they stayed up for three days moping in between watching re-runs of The O.C. and frantically refreshing their ex’s Twitter page every ten minutes, all while living off melted ice cream with tears for toppings. Few ever…

The portrait of a professor: Living on through their teachings
by Krizzia Asis and Josienne Cordova
September 22, 2016

You attend class and find that your professor hasn’t shown up in days. Upon checking your DLSU e-mail account, you are just then told of the news: The professor has passed away, leaving their desk empty for all days. Maybe you wonder about your grades, or who will take over the class. But as you…