Rant & Rave: The KFC Tower Burger
by Lyle Adriano
Rant & Rave // September 25, 2011

Last year, KFC brought over the infamous Double Down,  which was marketed as a “no-bun sandwich”.  Opinions on whether KFC’s newest product tasted great or the otherwise, varied from one person to another. Enter KFC’s “new” chicken menu item: the Tower Burger. “New,” because this food item has yet to actually appear in any other…

Rant & Rave: The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore
by Jonnah Dayuta
Rant & Rave //

The Power of Six certainly has all the elements and key plot points that should garner enough attention from any type of reader. The Power of Six is Pittacus Lore’s thrilling sequel to the novel turned sci-fi blockbuster hit, I Am Number Four, which debuted last year. The story is told from two points of…

Rant & Rave: A Dance with Dragons
by Anthony John Tang
Rant & Rave //

George R. R. Martin has once again captured his readers with another exciting and heart-pounding story, “A Dance With Dragons”. Much like the previous books in the “Songs of Ice and Fire” series, it continues to revolve around the political struggles of the reigning monarch, treacherous plots of the ambitious characters and the rising of…

Lounge: Joaquin De Jesus
by Bianca Rodriguez
Lounge //

Q: You have won several essay writing competitions. Can you name some of them? A: My first ever major award was the Grand Prize for the Rizal na, Europa Pa Nationwide Essay Writing Contest, which I received in 2009. It was a contest organized by the European Union, the Order of the Knights of Rizal…

Fearless Forecast: Back to the Future
by Shi Ailyn and Ronnel Tumangday
Fearless Forecast //

This issue’s fearless forecast revolves around the joys and wonders of travel. Whether we it is for leisure or otherwise, it has always been there. In the form of our daily commute to and from school or work, the usual walk to a friend’s house, or the occasional trip to a local or foreign tourist hotspot.

The Different Tastes of Filipino Cuisine
by Shi Ailyn, Stephanie Tan and Angelo Castillo

One thing that makes Filipinos distinct from other races is our indigenous culture. Yes, we may be proud of our unique and sometimes strange traditions, but did you know that some aspects of our culture did not originally come from us? We, Filipinos, known for having a knack for putting the old and the new…

The Real Buzz for a Travel Bug
by Jonnah Dayuta and Noelle Estrada

“Come and see the wonders of…”

Have you ever been attracted to going somewhere because of the different advertisements that sound much like the statement above? Most likely, tourist spots around the world have a similar advertising line to get prospective clients.

Press Release: Levi’s and Canon: Great Saturdays
by The LaSallian
Press Release //

It’s Saturday Night. It has been a hectic school week, and you decide to reward yourself. It’s about time. Green Saturday, you remark. Lasallian Green—time to have some fun.

You prepare for a night out with your friends. You scan your closet amidst a sea of shirts and jeans. What shirt to wear? You settle for a plaid polo. What jeans to wear? Easier choice. The authentic one, a favourite.

You arrive at your rendezvous. Republic, Resorts World Manila. Your friends complement your look for the night. You give them high fives. Polo and jeans, they’re both Levi’s, you add. No wonder, a friend quips. “Let’s have a great night!” you respond.

Internationalization at DLSU: A work in progress
by The LaSallian

Our profile of international student life in this month’s edition of The LaSallian, as we head into Term 2, 2011, is an overview of DLSU’s global ties. The most impressive fact is that currently we have close to one thousand international students on campus as full time undergraduate and graduate enrollees. Also we are hosting 31 new exchange students from five different countries who will be with us until the end of the term.

Hitting the Big Four in Five Hours, or More
by Betina Libre and Jonnah Dayuta

This month, the Menagerie underwent a mission. We circled the four biggest universities and got the inside information about each school. For this mission, the agents took part in the activities of each university, as if they were the university’s students. To discover what activities and “local norms” were present in a specific university, the assigned agents interviewed the “locals.”