Rant & Rave: Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick
by Jonnah Dayuta
Rant & Rave // November 29, 2011

Almost every novel gracing the Young Adult section of bookstores everywhere fall into the same generic love story trap. “Silence” by Becca Fitzpatrick, among the gushy little novels, offers a welcome change from all the predictable fluff. Silence is the third installment in the Hush, Hush series; the storyline revolves around two lovers whose romance…

Rant & Rave: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies by Matt Mogk
by Jonnah Dayuta
Rant & Rave //

People are more and more fascinated by the various creatures of the whimsical fictional world with every new release of some fantasy movie or novel. A creature that has been gaining some attention lately is the zombie. There are not many movies or books that explain what a zombie really is. Thankfully, that problem has…

What should have been left alone
by Jonnah Dayuta and Anthony John Tang

Many fall prey to the capitalistic system of Hollywood – they turn everything into movies. Most go better than others, making old classics look better, cooler, and more awesome. Some contain the same plot as the original, while some have become so altered and distorted that the production nearly ruined the original, or just made…

15 Questions with Andre Torres
by Stephanie Braganza
Lounge //

In line with this month’s theme of “Innovation”, The Menagerie interviews Andre Torres, a 108 Mechanical Engineering student, on his participation in the Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2011. TLS: How many participants joined the Shell Eco Marathon? Andre (A): There are 97 teams from around Asia, 13 countries. The Philippines had seven entries from six…

Print vs. Non-print
by Stephanie Tan, Nino Gonzales, Ken Russel Go and Stephanie Braganza
Head to Head //

These days, people are at crossroads. With the continuous boom of technology, the print industry has suffered setbacks. Books, magazines, and newspapers, which were once scanned and flipped, are now being scrolled. Pictures, which were once artfully pasted and decorated in albums and scrapbooks, are now being viewed with a press of a button. Letters,…

Pottermore: A Living Legacy of a Modern Classic
by Jonnah Dayuta and Nathalia Tolentino
Rant & Rave // October 20, 2011

July 15, 2011 marked the end of an entire literary era for Potterheads because of the release of the final Harry Potter movie. It seemed like it was finally time to completely let go of the magic, until (like magic) a ray of hope appeared—Pottermore. Pottermore is a website conceptualized by the author of the…

Rant & Rave: All Time Low – Live in Manila
by Jonnah Dayuta
Rant & Rave //

All Time Low: Live in Manila had been a highly anticipated event for fans in the Philippines. Smart Araneta Coliseum was filled with Filipino Hustlers, all of whom felt like dancing to the sound of the awaited band. The show started with a few songs from the local band, Typecast. Many fans could not hold…

Beyond Black, White and Technicolor
by Noelle Santiago, Stephanie Tan and Betina Libre
Glimpse //

Lights, camera, action! The film starts to roll in black and white, and Audrey Hepburn saunters on screen, wearing her lovely gown, long gloves, paired up with her iconic wayfarers. She walks to the corner of Fifth Avenue and 57th street in New York, towards Tiffany and Co. She gazes at the shop windows and…

Six Commandments to Self-Love
by Jemille Lim, Betina Libre and Shi Ailyn
25 Cents' Worth //

Every day is a whirlwind It is 7:15 in the morning. In a heartbeat, you realize that your class starts at 8:00 a.m. After taking a quick shower, you are on your way to school. Then the worst things start to happen. You cannot find your I.D., the LRT stops because of technical problems, and…

Manila Art: Snippets from an Art Scene
by Jessy Go
Glimpse //

The visual art scene in the Philippines is construed in a walled gallery, with a display of framed paintings and a sculpture or two. It is elitist in nature with its selective patrons, acquired inclination to aesthetic appreciation and limited audience reach. “It is not for everyone,” they would say. Art collection may be for…