The Perfect Date
by Jemille Lim
Glimpse // September 15, 2010

“The easiest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” but what about the lovely ladies who need to be lured just to captivate their hearts? Relax, Menagerie gives you choices on where to bring your dates without hurting your pockets. The Dilemma Ever gone home after a date with a wallet having only…

Guys, Where Do You Want to Eat?
by Ronnel Tumangday
Vignette //

“SEX tayo!” is a statement only Lasallians understand as an invitation to eat. People from other schools, or people in general, will frown upon such invitation. On the other hand, Lasallians will question Ateneans when the latter mention something about Chinky Chicken and Chris Tiu. Is Chris Tiu a chinky chicken? “Who in the world…

Off the Beaten Track: MEN-agerie Versus Food!
by Nathalia Tolentino
Off the Beaten Track //

Three ordinary students entered Yellow Cab-Taft with much anticipation and hunger etched on their faces. They had mentally and physically prepared themselves (particularly their stomachs) for this day. They had not eaten breakfast or lunch; they would need all the space in their digestive systems. May the spirit of Adam Richman be with them in…

A Look at Cooking With (the) Dog
by Lyle Adriano
Exposition //

As soon as the YouTube video plays, one is greeted with a particular jingle followed by a greeting thick in Japanese accent: “Hi! I am Francis, the host of this show Cooking With (the) Dog.” The camera shifts to the host… a toy poodle named Francis. Confused? It really is quite impossible to believe (and…

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Duckling
by Stephanie Braganza
Exposition //

Food is not spared of the people’s tendency to pass visual judgment. Without the aid of aroma or actual taste to guide hunger, simple pictures can drive the urge to eat. The visual significance of food is so defined within current culture that the simple act of ordering from a menu still relies on appearance….