Into the shoes of a Filipino researcher
by Blaise Cruz
Opinion // August 30, 2018

I still remember being amazed by artificial intelligence when I was younger. Like any other child who saw amazing things in the movies, I dreamed that I too would be able to make “living metal” when I grew up. The years went by. I entered a science high school where I would continue to kindle…

Build. Build! Build?
by Ray Ausan
Opinion // August 29, 2018

Infrastructure is the foundation of a strong economy. Retail, office, and manufacturing spaces bring people in the city.  Residential zones keep people in the city. Recreational areas retwain people in the city. Infrastructure connects and integrates all these areas together. Sprawling metropolises of the west have demonstrated the importance of well-built infrastructure. The lack of…

I’m privileged. Do we have a problem?
by Lance Villarosa
Opinion // August 26, 2018

I have always wondered what life would be if everyone was rich, and no one was poor; how families would celebrate birthdays, how the means of production would thrive, and how bailouts would be the new dole outs. I started asking, “Is it really possible for everyone to own a pair of Armanis?” Yet the…

Ban the banners
by Denise Nicole Uy
Opinion // August 13, 2018

I love the color red. There’s something about the vibrant color that’s so calming, and for years I’ve always associated it with home and family. But now, it’s tainted. While it’s quite difficult nowadays to scroll through social media without getting offended at the atrocities happening around the world, I barely have the words to…

Contracted by the rails
by The LaSallian
Editorial // July 31, 2018

The trolley problem puts readers in a moral dilemma of choosing to kill five individuals for the life of one or vice-versa. The choice one makes in regard to the life of one person and the overall utility involved in saving the majority speaks volumes of how humanity is perceived and acted upon when caught…

Ignorance is (privileged) bliss
by Cara Patalinghog
Opinion // July 13, 2018

I have been a firm believer of the famous quote by Thomas Gray: “Ignorance is bliss.” It is a very convenient belief—you don’t know what’s happening, so you wouldn’t ever be affected by whatever it entails. The downright laziness to even read on weight loss led sixteen-year-old me to think that, of course, I didn’t…

The devil’s work
by Thea Tagulao
Opinion // July 11, 2018

Today, we live in a society that has become too materialistic and has been defined by the brands we use. We adore people who have lavish lifestyles with the notion that money is equivalent to happiness. Our society dictates that we must wear designer clothes, use expensive gadgets, and drive extravagant cars in order to…

Under the microscope
by The LaSallian
Editorial General Elections //

Election after election, political parties, who eventually fill the seats in the University Student Government (USG), proclaim their standard and basis for which they want to pattern the USG – the Philippine Government. Focused on establishing their distinct brand of leadership, Lasallian student leaders attempt to inscribe their names in the legacy of its constitution,…

Monetizing exhaustion
by Eternity Ines
Opinion // July 1, 2018

Camera, rolling – just like the hands of a clock perpetually moving around and around the face of a watch, evading rest; like everyone all around the set, working and working, evading rest. Sound, speed – but the work seems so slow. Everyone’s sluggishly moving in the hot midday sun, unable to decide which shot…

Message sent
by Kaycee Valmonte
Opinion // June 23, 2018

Last term, I took a class on Copywriting and Creative Management (ADWRITE), which focused on training students to strategically persuade people with their ideas through writing. It is arguably one of the most feared courses an Advertising student is bound to take in their stint in La Salle. During a class activity, we had to…