Let’s talk about this more
by Kaycee Valmonte
Opinion // December 20, 2018

Have you ever tried buying a box of condoms in a convenience store? I have. Early on a Saturday morning, I had to buy eight boxes of condoms from a convenience store near campus for a midterm for one of our Advertising electives. The cashier looked at me, the eight boxes of Durex condoms I…

Pride and morals
by Shannon Matsuda
Opinion // December 17, 2018

For the longest time, the country has reinforced the separation between the Church and State despite being predominantly Catholic. The Constitution declared that the State shall not establish or prohibit a religion. Despite this law, there are still some leaders who do not adhere to basic respect towards it. To no surprise, our current President…

Always in our hearts
by Andrea Punzalan
Opinion //

As the song goes, “And may the spirit of Christmas be always,” I continue with the lyrics, “in our hearts.” It’s stuck in my head, replaying as if it were on loop like a broken record. After the loop ends, I am then left with the lingering question, “Has Christmas always been in my heart?”…

Justice delayed is justice denied
by Beatrice Del Rosario
Opinion //

After decades of what has seemed to be an armistice between the corrupt abuse of power and the obligation of one to answer for it, it looks like justice has finally taken a step forward. Just this month, former Prima Donna, (which, ironically, is Italian for “First Lady”) Imelda Marcos, was convicted of not one,…

Where has resilience brought us?
by The LaSallian
Editorial // December 16, 2018

It seems as though the hustle and bustle that is characteristic of the “ber” months has fallen over the Philippines as a whole. With issue after issue and controversy after controversy coming at us from multiple sides all in in the span of a month, it’s not difficult to imagine why one would wonder what…

Be indifferent or make a difference
by Pamela Isidro
Opinion // November 15, 2018

“If you were stuck in a situation, what would have you done?” Last term, I had a floating subject, which I thought would be another usual class that would be full of theories and readings. But, to my surprise, I was privileged to encounter a professor who was very observant and critical in his view…

Be professional
by Frank Santiago
Opinion //

I recently had a quick conversation with my boss at work. We usually discuss a diverse set of topics, ranging from work-related concepts to life lessons to even our personal opinions on classic films (we both have a fondness for Scorsese). As someone starting out in the corporate world, I always found his insight helpful….

Collateral damage
by Ramon Castañeda
Opinion //

Triggers can be found everywhere; it’s in conversations among peers, in popular media, and even in classroom discussions. It can be difficult to handle stimuli that hit you. They become dangerous when mishandled, as the problem not just lies in social cues, or in the definitive measurement of sensitivity and the lack thereof. Unpleasant thoughts…

The tip of the iceberg
by Kaycee Valmonte
Opinion //

I was doing my research last year on sustainability and environment policies when I came across an article written by Joe Hoekstra, chief scientist for the World Wildlife Fund. Hoekstra was discussing how much humanity has been exceeding the biocapacity of the Earth, saying that “humans are living too large on a finite planet.” The…

An Electoral Gamble
by The LaSallian
Editorial //

Seasoned lawmakers, political neophytes, and individuals young and old made their presence known in front of lights and cameras as they bared their plans to be put in the highest seats of power in the government last October 11 to 17. The Philippines saw its democracy at work when individuals from all walks of life…