An Electoral Gamble
by The LaSallian
Editorial // November 15, 2018

Seasoned lawmakers, political neophytes, and individuals young and old made their presence known in front of lights and cameras as they bared their plans to be put in the highest seats of power in the government last October 11 to 17. The Philippines saw its democracy at work when individuals from all walks of life…

Three six five
by Yanna Zhang
Opinion // November 7, 2018

There was a time when the world was disconnected, with numerous countries completely unaware of each other’s presence as humans struggled to master new inventions of fire and weapons. Then, like a plug to an outlet, everything changed—the world woke up, millions of lights ablaze. Society was gifted the internet and connection to places much…

How feminism “killed” chivalry
by Ramon Castañeda
Opinion // November 2, 2018

As we further our agenda to make our advocacies bear weight and gain support from our peers, we must raise an important question: do we really know—and understand—what we are pushing for? Feminism, as an idea—otherwise known as the “feminist movement”—refers to the series of political campaigns birthed in the 1960s that pushed for the…

Hard pills to swallow
by Cara Patalinghog
Opinion // October 31, 2018

“Fight for the things you believe in,” these are words often heard from the wise old teachers in movies whenever they’re giving advice to their young apprentices. These apprentices would then go follow this advice and go on to become—as if by some perfect alignment of fate—everything they ever dreamed of. On the surface, it…

Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
by The LaSallian
Editorial // October 29, 2018

Communications Assistant Secretary Margaux ‘Mocha’ Uson created an uproar with fellow blogger Andrew ‘Drew’ Olivar through a controversial ‘sign language’ video last September 14. The viral video reportedly had Uson filming from behind the camera as Olivar symbolized their “Pepederalismo for the deaf” while making vigorous “sign language” gestures. None of the flailing hand movements…

Creativity with a price
by Shannon Matsuda
Opinion // October 27, 2018

Being creative may seem like a no-brainer to most who take them for granted. In reality, it’s never easy. Almost every week in my production classes, I have to come up with a story and produce it in a unique way through various mediums in a short span of time. Despite the tedious process, there…

Into the shoes of a Filipino researcher
by Blaise Cruz
Opinion // August 30, 2018

I still remember being amazed by artificial intelligence when I was younger. Like any other child who saw amazing things in the movies, I dreamed that I too would be able to make “living metal” when I grew up. The years went by. I entered a science high school where I would continue to kindle…

Build. Build! Build?
by Ray Ausan
Opinion // August 29, 2018

Infrastructure is the foundation of a strong economy. Retail, office, and manufacturing spaces bring people in the city.  Residential zones keep people in the city. Recreational areas retwain people in the city. Infrastructure connects and integrates all these areas together. Sprawling metropolises of the west have demonstrated the importance of well-built infrastructure. The lack of…

I’m privileged. Do we have a problem?
by Lance Villarosa
Opinion // August 26, 2018

I have always wondered what life would be if everyone was rich, and no one was poor; how families would celebrate birthdays, how the means of production would thrive, and how bailouts would be the new dole outs. I started asking, “Is it really possible for everyone to own a pair of Armanis?” Yet the…

Ban the banners
by Denise Nicole Uy
Opinion // August 13, 2018

I love the color red. There’s something about the vibrant color that’s so calming, and for years I’ve always associated it with home and family. But now, it’s tainted. While it’s quite difficult nowadays to scroll through social media without getting offended at the atrocities happening around the world, I barely have the words to…