Light bulb!
by luislaparan
Opinion // November 5, 2010

This verbally manifested thought bubble from Despicable Me’s villainous main character, Gru, whenever he had a revelation – or at least whenever he thought he had a great idea – accurately described many moments in my life at The LaSallian. Some schemes turned out to be great; some, epic fail; and some, weirdly enough, both….

by angelicalaparan
Opinion //

This past year, I became particularly conscious of my age. I never really gave it much thought before (then again, I was younger), but when you realize you are the dinosaur at The LaSallian’s acquaintance party, you are bound to give your age some attention. The LaSallian, in all its glorious 50 years, has seen…

From one era to another
by debbieuy
Opinion //

Our batch of staff and editors at The LaSallian belonged to an era that we may now describe as an infant in technology. As a staffer of the Menagerie section for two years, I submitted my articles in print-out and diskette. In 1998, when I became University editor, I carried more diskettes from my reporters….

Cut and dried
by sarahespina
Opinion //

Recently I was accused of being a liberal, to which I replied I didn’t consider it a slur. In the last century, women were given the vote and African-Americans were granted equal rights in the US, a large part of which was due to progressive grassroots movements. Great strides were made because stubborn men and…

Reflections on The LaSallian: 1965 – 70
by philipjuico
Opinion //

Memories of flower people and student power

Editorial: Responsibility and Reason
by The LaSallian
Editorial // September 15, 2010

In front of a burning house, a group of people will be found carrying pails of water in an effort to put off the fire. Unfortunately, not far will be a group larger than the former, already speculating who started the fire. It has been a habit among us Filipinos to point fingers before trying…

Straight from the Quiver: Smells like teen spirit
by Imman Canicosa
Opinion //

Lion dancers kicked-off the party in the quaint nation-state of Singapore. They pranced up and down the stage as part of an elaborate production number as fireworks bled momentarily in the sky above and were eventually gobbled up by the hungry night. The revelry marked the conclusion of the first ever Youth Olympic Games, a…

Bits and Bytes: No crying over spilled milk
by The LaSallian
Opinion //

Imagine Cup is an annual student competition established by Microsoft Corporation. It gathers tech-savvy students from all over the globe to develop software, games, and web applications that will address the contest’s theme: Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems. Together with three other friends, I participated in the Game Design Competition of…

Pep Talk: Just do it
by bombarda
Opinion //

I’ve been told before that everybody knows that journalism, whether campus or mainstream, is a thankless job so no one really needs to write about it, but I will. If as journalists, we got to do what we got to do, we also have to say what we have to say. Whenever I am asked…

NewType: TLDR
by Lyle Adriano
Opinion //

On occasion, during my random browsing of the net, I come across an article of interest. Usually, it is a piece of news related to the video game industry, or sometimes it is about a breakthrough in science and technology. More often than not, I stumble across things too tedious to read. Already, the paragraphs…