The privileged
by Anthony John Tang
Opinion // January 26, 2016

As I enjoyed my steaming cup of peppermint mocha in a Starbucks branch somewhere in Mandaluyong, I could not help but overhear the conversation from the table behind me. They were probably my age, at least mid-20s or younger, and much like every coffee table conversation right now, they were talking about the upcoming national…

Elect, defect, repeat
by The LaSallian
Editorial Opinion // January 22, 2016

Politics has been an uphill battle since before this year’s freshmen were born. The continuous changes in political climate — woven intricately with social and economic upheavals throughout the years — make it difficult to identify clear progress, and our collective inability to properly recognize the root of our problems may have led us to…

The afterparty
by The LaSallian
Editorial // November 25, 2015

“Once you are elected, you leave your party. You forget partisanship. You work as one,” said Barry Ubara to the 1986 Student Council (SC) officers after bagging the SC Presidency thirty years ago — the first time Alyansang Tapat sa Lasallista (Tapat) and Santugon sa Tawag ng Panahon (Santugon) had gone head to head in…

Ready, get set, no
by Miguel Luis Gayares
Opinion //

The Philippines is far from being ready, the Filipinos are a long way from being set, and yet we all still must go towards a new international venture in the hopes that progress and change does exist beyond the shadows of empty promises. Let’s put things into perspective and as blunt as it could possibly…

Setting priorities
by Michi Dimaano
Opinion //

Like a typical millennial, I spend a lot of time on Facebook. Among the usual food videos, I saw a post saying that there is nothing wrong with putting your priorities (especially yourself) first before everyone else in your life. The next day however, I came upon a post saying the exact opposite, that your…

Bricks and glue guys
by Gio Gloria
Opinion //

The Japanese may be known for their discipline and delectable cuisine but what really stands out is the honor they put in their work. As my family and I were riding the train to Kyoto back in 2013, my dad pointed out how the train conductor would bow whenever he enters and exits each car,…

On Paris, newsworthiness, and our selective humanity
by Marinel Mamac
Opinion // November 20, 2015

As I write, the world is still reeling over the ISIS attacks in Paris last week, as global outpouring of solidarity with the victims continues to be expressed both online and offline, punctuated for us Lasallians with the lighting of the St. La Salle Hall in the colors of the French flag. Along with these…

A stroke of luck
by The LaSallian
Opinion // October 31, 2015

by MARIEN JOSE It’s funny how I always, always struggle to fetch an appropriate answer when I’m asked how I started writing. I don`t really have a proper response to this as I’m of this notion that it is something that I`ve always been doing. Would you believe me if I say I just picked…

Wasted on the young
by Ronaldo Manzano
Opinion //

On some days, it feels like ages have passed since my first day at DLSU as a freshman back in 2011, though on most, it feels like it was just yesterday. Time has this funny way of disillusioning you–well, me at least–and even if there were those days when it felt like college was taking…

Stories break down walls
by Christopher Chanco
Opinion //

by CJ CHANCO I left TLS with dreams of becoming a journalist. Rarely do things pan out the way we expect them to. After about a year of working at a non-profit, I find myself again with the equally non-profitable and lowly job description of “university researcher”. Both have involved doing what I love best,…