Manifesto grammar fixes, STCG resignations highlighted in LA session
by Enrico Sebastian Salazar
Straight News // February 20, 2019

The Legislative Assembly (LA) convened in the University Student Government (USG) Session Hall last February 18 to finalize two resolutions addressing the recent arrest of Rappler head Maria Ressa and commemorating the 33rd People Power Revolution anniversary. Only 15 representatives were present in the proceedings, reaching an implied quorum—the minimum number needed to pass a…

Getting to know the Student Discipline Formation Office
by Warren Chua and Enrico Sebastian Salazar
News Feature // February 17, 2019

Situated at the ground floor of St. Joseph Hall is the Student Discipline Formation Office (SDFO), which maintains student discipline and promotes proper student decorum. Headed by its director, Michael Millanes, the office aims to instill the values of responsibility and vigilance in students through the implementation of the Student Handbook provisions. It also serves…

The dynamics of power in bride-machines: On marrying older ‘white’ men
by Eliza Santos and Helen Mae Saudi
Straight News //

“I bought you, and I spent much on you.” This was but one of the common rebuttals older ‘white’ husbands would resort to based on accounts of Filipina ‘bride-machines’. Dr. Janet Arnado, a professor of the Behavioral Science Department, and a researcher on the phenomenon of Filipinas marrying older ‘white’ men, recounted these in the…

Extending a helping hand: COSCA’s relief efforts
by Deo Cruzada, Maxine Ferrer and Miguel Angelo Rabago
News Feature //

The first steps taken during the immediate aftermath of a calamity are crucial to the recovery of an affected area. Whether the damage was caused by natural or man-made forces, responders need to think fast to ensure the immediate survival of the people affected and to lay the groundwork for long-term rehabilitation. Accomplishing this may…

DLSU holds vigil for press freedom, Rappler, DLS-CSB take part
by Gershon De La Cruz
News Feature //

Last February 15, representatives from various University student groups and administration offices celebrated mass and gathered for a candle-lighting ceremony at the Pearl of Great Price Chapel and at the facade hall of St. La Salle Hall, respectively to uphold human rights and defend democracy. The vigil, which was organized by the Center of Social…

Looking into AnimoSpace: To online learning platforms and beyond
by Jan Emmanuel Alonzo, Roselin Manawis and Isabela Marie Roque
News Feature // February 16, 2019

De La Salle University finds itself at the forefront of modern education with the launching of its new Learning Management System (LMS), AnimoSpace, a customized version of the Canvas software developed by the United States-based educational technology company, Instructure. The new system officially went live at the start of the second term of Academic Year…

For the students, by the students: USG initiatives on financial assistance
by Helen Mae Saudi, Eliza Santos and Joseph Aristotle De Leon
News Feature //

De La Salle University has made it its mission to extend financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students. Through the Office of Admissions and Scholarships, student aid programs are provided to make quality education affordable, especially to students who would not have otherwise considered enrolling in the University. Among the many opportunities provided by the…

The cost of education: DLSU tuition through the years
by Roselin Manawis, Isabela Marie Roque and Helen Mae Saudi
Straight News //

P350,429.28—this is the cost of sending a child to DLSU for one term, if one were to ask the Student Council (SC) in 1991. Twenty eight years ago, The LaSallian published an article titled Can you still afford to send your kids to La Salle in 2019? which projected the cost of enrollment in the…

On the positive implications of the new HIV-AIDS law
by Gershon De La Cruz and Frank Santiago
News Feature //

Under the new law, the government will implement a multi-sectoral approach in addressing the spread of the virus, as well as punishing those who discriminate against individuals positive with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).     A much needed update One of the major changes called for by the new law is the removal of the…

One year later: How do students feel about U Break?
by Gershon De La Cruz and Eliza Santos
News Feature // February 15, 2019

“Changes of schedule, we understand, will always be difficult because we get used to certain things, but we will adjust. Things are not permanent.” This was but one of many assurances former DLSU Chancellor Dr. Robert Roleda shared in late 2017 after news broke that the controversial University Break (U Break) was approved by the…