Fighting indifference: The pains in advocacy assessment
by Juan Batalla
News Feature // October 20, 2011

The onset of the academic year saw a University Student Government (USG) that held a strong commitment to intensifying information dissemination, University discourse and advocacies. Such commitment was seen through the USG’s efforts in disseminating advocacy campaigns through events, social networking sites and mass print media distribution throughout the two trimesters of its mandate. Advocacy,…

The trade-offs of installing faculty administrators
by Jessy Go and Justin Umali
News Feature //

Atty. Policarpio was late for his Obligations and Contracts class. He entered the room with many things on his mind – test papers to check, research papers to go through and to top it all off, seven written assessments of the disciplinary cases forwarded to him by the Discipline Office. He apologizes to his class…

Creating a world-class image for DLSU
by Patrick Ong
News Feature //

From 1979 to 1998, Br. Andrew Gonzalez FSC served as president of DLSU. During those years, DLSU sent professors abroad to study, and to bring back valuable experience to the students and the blooming research university. University Fellow, Dr. Tereso Tullao Jr., reflects on this period as a critical point for DLSU. DLSU professors made…

The price of development: DLSU’s financial engagements
by Patrick Ong and Nina dela Cruz
News Feature //

Recently, DLSU renamed its different colleges, specifically the College of Business (COB) and the College of Engineering to the Ramon V. Del Rosario Jr.-College of Business (RVR-COB) and the Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCOE) respectively. These institutions were both named after two alumni who relentlessly furnished endowments for further development of their respective colleges and…

General education system and implications on students’ development
by Pilar Go
In Review //

Before a student of the University can acquire a diploma and graduate, he or she needs to take General Education (GE) and major courses. As insignificant as GE courses seem, some inflict the same significance associated with major courses to the academic standing of students. Compliance to requirements As a university governed by the rules…

DLSU establishes Gokongwei College of Engineering
by The LaSallian
Straight News // September 25, 2011

The College of Engineering is now the Gokongwei College of Engineering (GCE). Last Aug. 11, the renaming of the college was officially announced after Chinese-Filipino Tycoon, John Gokongwei, gave a substantial amount worth of donations to the College. The donation was approved by the Board of Trustees before it sought the approval of the college….

Bridging the education gap: DLSU as a school for the poor
by Nina dela Cruz and Juan Batalla
News Feature //

DLSU’s renewed vision-mission establishes the institution as a University geared towards serving the poor. Br. Jun Erguiza FSC, president and chancellor of DLSU, shares that addressing the concern of the poor has been aways the direction of the University. “[It is also in our best interest] for us to be able to give access to…

Establishment of DLSU’s extension campus gets a go signal
by Jan-Ace Mendoza
Straight News //

With its efforts to expand its research capabilities and develop academic programs, DLSU is set to tie up with De La Salle Canlubang (DLSC) by establishing an extension campus in its 50-hectare property in Binan, Laguna. The extension campus will offer new degree programs in engineering, computer science and the natural sciences, and will tie-up…

Six-year-old research reveals contamination in library air
by Audrey Virgula and Anthony John Tang
Straight News //

The University Library is probably one of the most quiet places in the campus. However, it was just six years ago that DLSU silently dealt with hazards revealed by results from an in-house research. In 2005, Dr. Manuel C. Belino of the Mechanical Engineering Department conducted a study titled Assessment of Air Quality in Air-conditioned…

A look at the US credit downgrade
by Juan Batalla and Kahlil Carmona
News Feature //

Too much US government spending, too little savings and political indecisiveness compose the gist of the August credit rating downgrade of the United States by acclaimed credit rating agency Standard & Poor (S&P). From a triple-A rating that indicated the country’s extremely strong capacity to meet financial commitments, S&P has given the US, the world’s…