LSDC-Street has the groove
by melranda
Straight News // September 15, 2010

No sweat was wasted as the Street division of DLSU’s La Salle Dance Company (LSDC) brought home gold after participating in Maximum Groovity 6 last Aug. 27 at Crossroad 77. It is LSDC-Street’s second time to join the interschool dance competition, according to Gino Ong, former president of the organization. LSDC-Street made a risky decision…

CoNIC, to head alternative job fair
by Jan-Ace Mendoza
News Feature //

Underutilization of labor is a social cost of mismatched skills and mismatched work. With only two job fairs each year, which mainly cater to business-oriented courses, students from the other five colleges have a hard time looking for job opportunities that will fit their degrees and interests. This academic year, the Committee on National Issues…

Where are the magistrates?
by Christopher Chanco
News Feature //

Similar to the Philippine government, our University Student Government (USG) is composed of three branches: executive, legislative and judiciary. Since the new form of government was implemented this year, efforts of the executive and legislative branches have been apparent to the student body; the former being the highest governing and representing body, and the latter…

Hacienda Luisita: A cry for social justice
by Olivia Estrada
National Situationer //

The Supreme Court’s decision to create a special mediation panel adds a new chapter in the long fought battle of the hacienda workers. This is the outcome of the oral arguments last Aug. on a petition by the Hacienda Luisita farmers and supervisors to revoke the stock distribution option (SDO) of the Cojuangco-owned plantation.

In Review: Scrutinizing our computer labs
by lakhmaniestrada
In Review //

There are 27 computer laboratories located in the different buildings, most of which are found in the Gokongwei Hall. They house around 865 computer units, all have internet connection.