PRESS RELEASE: Power Mac Center goes all-out for ‘Cinemansanas’ 2017
by The LaSallian
Press Release // July 15, 2017

Power Mac Center goes all-out for ‘Cinemansanas’ 2017 Featuring Masterclass with Brillante Mendoza and digital short film competition   A jam-packed second edition of Power Mac Center Pixelworx: Cinemansanas awaits film artists all over the country as the premier Apple reseller goes all-out this year. Among the highlights are Masterclass sessions with award-winning director Brillante Mendoza, a digital short…

On persuasion and conviction: The psychology of politicians
by Casey Margaret Eridio and Elijah Quevedo
General Elections //

Democracy has come a long way, dating back to the tribalism of hunter gatherers making agrarian and societal decisions and the Athenian democracy of ancient Greeks electing the longest-lasting democratic leader Pericles. It then spread like wildfire, used in institutions in the medieval era and all the way up to modern national governments. Now practiced…

When evil meets conventional: The smear campaign
by Lance Villarosa and Pamela Isidro
General Elections //

Beyond the jitters of first timers and the pressures of those trained by the wheel, a candidate’s greatest challenge comes not from the superficial expectations of the electorate, but by the confrontational weight from within. Amid toss up allegations and false hearsays, a candidate’s campaign reveals the inevitable: a hodgepodge of lies packaged as truths….

In the minds of the elected
by Eternity Ines, Kaycee Valmonte and Andrea Punzalan
General Elections //

Candidates are the building blocks of elections. During campaign week, candidates must scour through the walls and the classrooms of the University, interacting with students whose eyes try to pry the truth and the intention behind why they are running for a position in the University Student Government (USG). For Seanne Esguerra, Ervina Robles, and…

Students’ evaluation of the USG
by Patrick Quintero and Kaycee Valmonte

Since the tremendous drop of voter turnout in the 2015 General Elections (GE), the University Student Government (USG) has gradually regained its stature. The USG gained notable attraction from the student body as it pursued a student-centered campus for this academic year (AY) 2016-2017. As the incumbent USG officials near the end of their term,…

COMELEC on regulating electoral processes
by Andrea Punzalan, Eternity Ines and Thea Tagulao
General Elections //

The University Student Government (USG) Commission on Elections (COMELEC) is the deciding body on all electoral exercises within the University. From the very beginning, COMELEC has been the key background player of the USG General Elections (GE). From screening volunteers to planning campaign and election proceedings, COMELEC regulates the Election Code. Backbone of elections With…

USG: A year in review
by Blaise Cruz and Casey Margaret Eridio
General Elections // July 14, 2017

With the 2017 General Elections upon the student electorate, the University once again will welcome new platforms, new campaign slogans, and of course, new student leaders. While the electorate looks forward to familiar faces and new candidates alike for the upcoming elections, The LaSallian looks into the milestones and achievements of the University Student Government…

Championing the masses
by The LaSallian
Editorial General Elections Opinion //

It was on the eve of September 3, 2016 when the Lasallian community was introduced to a controversy that would rouse the political consciousness of the students. An anonymous write up containing allegations of corruption involving several members of the University Student Government (USG) circulated online, prompting immediate actions of deflection by the incumbent officers….

Head to head
by Patrick Quintero, Thea Tagulao and Lance Villarosa
General Elections // July 13, 2017

The candidates running for the Executive Board (EB) which consists five of the highest positions in the University Student Government (USG) have been training rigorously for the past months as they prepare themselves for the campaign period. The students will be the ones deciding on the best type of candidate appropriate for the position, where…

LA tackles vetoed TFI survey resolution, eco-friendly printing, One CCS initiative
by Maxine Ferrer
Straight News // July 11, 2017

  Last July 6, the University Student Government (USG) Legislative Assembly (LA) convened to discuss the veto of the resolution calling for the Tuition Fee Increase (TFI) survey to have a required minimum number of respondents across the different colleges. The resolution was approved by majority of the present LA members during their previous session…