Immerse yourselves in some of The LaSallian's best works
from over 62 years of excellent journalistic service
to the Lasallian community.

Immerse yourselves in some of The LaSallian's best works from over 62 years of excellent journalistic service to the Lasallian community.


The University section is The LaSallian‘s news arm, serving as a gatherer, amplifier, and defender of truth within and beyond the Animo realm. From covering news and events to shedding light on DLSU and national issues through in-depth features and commentaries, expect the University section to be there when stories happen.


Grounded in Filipino culture and society, the Menagerie is the publication’s features section that delves into the mundane and the peculiar. We write about stories of people and phenomena celebrated and forgotten, from the margins of society and at the center of communities. Our stories strive to provide readers with a critical understanding of the news information we consume.


The LaSallian‘s Sports writers go beyond the eye of the casual fan, diving deeper into the story behind collegiate and national sports alike. We help bring the La Salle community closer to the action and the grind of the teams and athletes who proudly represent the Green and White.


Vanguard inspires curiosity and connects everyday people with the brightest minds in science. But apart from reporting the wonders, hypotheses, and data, we uphold the duty to examine the role of money and politics in science, review science-related public policies, and dissect the murky underbelly of the field.


Intermedia is the youngest section that aims to expand inquisitive campus journalism through video and animation. We are the people behind the cameras, video timelines, and animations meticulously working to provide an audiovisual experience of the life stories we need to tell and questions we get to raise.


It has been exactly one month since students have set foot on campus and have begun getting to know the ins and outs of DLSU. With thousands of students experiencing face-to-face classes for the first time, The LaSallian shares tips and advice on how to navigate the Taft life with #FroshBulletin.


Photo is the section with the masters of visual storytelling, capturing life’s relevant moments through our camera lenses. We provide visuals for the publication’s articles, news, events, and sports coverages, as swift as the blink of an eye.

Painting with Light

Workers in Action

In honor of Labor Day, The LaSallian‘s photographers captured the nation’s hardworking laborers to shed light on the plight that stands behind each of their efforts worthy to be recognized and achievements deserving to be celebrated.

Photos by Meg Landrito, Francene Panis, Michael Hamza Mustapha, Nelcze Zulueta, Bernalyn Guzman, & Gilliane Luy

Painting with Light

Christmas preparations

As the Christmas spirit unites people together, The LaSallian‘s photographers capture glimpses of the preparations to ensure that holiday festivities are extra special.

Photos by Nelcze Zulueta, Francene Panis, Ally Calvelo, Mannicx Mendoza, Heather Raymundo, Meg Landrito, Bernalyn Guzman, & Lance Tan

Art & Graphics

Art & Graphics is the creative heart of the publication that breathes life into complex stories through the visual mastery of colors and line work. This section takes on the responsibility of crafting captivating visuals for articles, event highlights, comics, and editorial cartoons. 

Event Highlights

Anniversary of Anti-Terror Law's Passing

Three years ago, the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 was hastily approved into law despite multiple calls to #JunkTerrorLaw. Today, the rushed passage of legislation continues in the government, and the threats of red-tagging still loom over those brave enough to speak out. We must continue to call for measures that truly address the root causes of insurgency and stand against draconian policies and unjust enforcers.

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated annually on the second Sunday of May to pay tribute to maternal figures—a familial and societal role that upholds love, strength, and selflessness.


A&G Toysonas

Want to explore the forest, cast magic spells, or unearth groundbreaking discoveries? The LaSallian‘s artists invite you to play with their newly designed toys! Don’t miss out on the fun, and create memories that last with your newfound little friends.

Illustration by Joyce Garcia, Anki Salanga, Kyana Ayahao, EJ Gamboa, Gioielli Ong, John Eros Templonuevo, Yssa Surla, & Eliana Fabia


Layout combines creativity and precision to ensure that news is presented in an informative, engaging, and accessible way. The section enhances the publication’s delivery of information through eye-catching visuals and well-structured layouts.

The country saw an eventful first few months of 2023—campus concerns, thrilling UAAP matchups, and a host of technological leaps. The LaSallian dives into the most pressing of them in its March issue at

UAAP 85 Championship

Last #UAAPSeason85, the DLSU Lady Spikers completed their redemption tour by defeating the defending champions, the NU Lady Bulldogs, via a heart-stopping reverse sweep, 19-25, 22-25, 25-15, 25-17, 15-10, to take Game Two for the championship title. #TLSUAAP85


The Web section, composed of copywriters, designers, and developers, is at the forefront of the publication’s digital presence. They are the creative architects behind our content strategy, while also skillfully designing and developing websites to elevate the storytelling experience.

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The LaSallian is the official student publication of De La Salle University. It is of the students, by the students, and for the students. Our student writers, photographers, videographers, artists, web managers, and web developers are committed to the 62-year tradition of journalistic excellence and issue-oriented critical thinking.

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