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Marielle Lucenio
The life of the Golden Gays
Feature // April 9, 2017

A burned, dilapidated house is being renovated in one of the streets of Pasay. What used to be filled with laughter, singing, and playful banters is now empty of its tenants, only occupied by the workers rebuilding the destroyed house. This used to be the home of the Golden Gays, a group of old gays…

For battered or for worse: Tales of the abused
Feature // March 16, 2017

The woman has the face of a saint. People call her a mestiza, porcelain-skinned with rosy cheeks. She is the feminine ideal: Shy, demure, modest, loyal, submissive. Her name is Maria Clara. Key to lock, she gently enters the room that changes it all. Her long dark hair is tugged and used to drag her…

Living with a disability: A blessing or a curse?
Feature // February 16, 2017

Sometimes a normal man’s motivation is another’s limitation. Whether it has done wonders to the former or angst to the latter does little to shed light on how Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) are and should be perceived. It is of no secret that PWDs are cut from a different cloth. Some are able to still…

Hero on duty
Feature // January 10, 2017

The eve of Christmas is often a calm and happy one. Most people blissfully go to sleep, having spent the day with their family and having the most awaited day of the year to look forward to the next day. The holidays represent rest and relaxation, a chance to lay back and to enjoy the…

Maguindanao Massacre: Of the bloody carnage seven years ago
Feature // November 26, 2016

It was the morning of November 23, 2009 when Esmael Mangundadatu sent his women with dozens of journalists to file for his certificate of candidacy to the heartland of the Ampatuans. That Monday morning later came to be known as the heinous Maguindanao Massacre, the unspeakable slaughter committed on a hill in a place called…

The Drug War: Beyond the moral and the legal
Feature // November 6, 2016

The bullet that almost pierced through the chest of Francis “Jay R” Santiago Jr. during an alleged buy bust operation last September 13 at Aldecoa St. in Malate, Manila could have easily added him to the long list of drug suspects slain in the name of Duterte’s relentless war on drugs. Jay R, however, managed…