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Bianca Suarez
Civil liberties and democracy open forum highlights millennials’ role in the political landscape
Straight News // June 11, 2017

Last June 8, De La Salle Philippines held “Gathering of Hope: An Open Forum on Civil Liberties and Democracy” at the 20th floor Multipurpose Hall of the Br. Andrew Gonzalez Hall. The forum highlighted the current administration’s recent declaration of martial law in Marawi City, campaign against drugs, and phenomenon of “Dutertismo”, among several others….

Anime and why you should give it a chance
Opinion // May 22, 2017

I never thought that I would be writing a column about anime; however, as the art form consistently gets rejected and belittled despite the growing number of beautiful pieces, I can’t help but try to reach out to people to give it a chance. Usually, when I tell people that I watch anime—unless I’m speaking…

A look into the publishing process of the DLSU Publishing House
News Feature // May 1, 2017

Established in 2012, the De La Salle University Publishing House (DLSUPH), formerly known as the Academic Publications Office (APO), has been a renowned center of information dissemination. DLSUPH aims to promote the educational mission of the University by distributing academic work of researchers in the field of Philippine reviews, classifications, concentrated and peer-evaluated research, course…

The problem with modesty
Opinion // March 26, 2017

As I was going down SJ Walk today, I passed by a poster that had the following quote by Boona Mohammad, a male Canadian poet: Beauty without modesty is like a conversation without honesty. I just had to stop and stare because I didn’t understand the analogy at all. Now, modesty can mean numerous things….

On ride-sharing apps: Lasallians cite safety and other concerns
News Feature // March 6, 2017

In an informal survey conducted by The LaSallian among 53 respondents, 85 percent claim they used popular ride-sharing applications Uber and Grab. Majority of those who did not use the popular applications stated that they had their own cars, while the others found it easier to commute. Meanwhile, 17 percent identify the ride-sharing applications as…

Looking ahead: What to expect in 2017
Feature // February 22, 2017

Since coming into office on June 30 last year, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has remained a staple in news headlines. The latter half of 2016 has been filled with reports and analyses of Duterte’s words and actions. Although he maintains a high approval rating of 83 percent in the recently conducted Pulse Asia survey, Duterte…

The price of remembering
Opinion // January 11, 2017

We would often rather forget all the bad things that happen to us. Embarrassing experiences. Failed classes. Bad break-ups. Unlike in that one episode in Black Mirror, we can’t just go through our memories and relive them whenever we want. Therefore, with our limited storage space, why waste it on the bad stuff? And as…

The temptation of authoritarianism
Opinion // November 26, 2016

After having a debate about democracy and authoritarianism, my professor asked my class which form of government we’d prefer. To her surprise, those who spoke up chose authoritarianism. At the time, I myself was one of those in favor of authoritarianism with the condition of an exceptional leader. I am not sure if my decision…

Looking ahead: The future of batch governments
News Feature // November 5, 2016

According to Article XII of the University Student Government (USG) Constitution, batch governments (BG) are responsible for implementing programs and encouraging participation in college-wide and university-wide activities among their respective batches. In academic 2013-2014, the Legislative Assembly (LA) opened the USG Constitution for amendments. Most of the revisions came from Project REFOCUS, proposed by former…

Political Science Dept. launches Peace and Human Security Initiative
Straight News // September 28, 2016

Last June 28, the Political Science Department held a roundtable discussion on peace and human security with all its faculty members. The event launched the department’s Peace and Human Security Initiative (P&HSI). His Excellency Jesus Domingo, the Philippine ambassador to New Zealand, was invited to the forum and contributed to the discussion on peace and…