The LaSallian is recruiting!

The bastion of issue-oriented critical thinking invites the next generation of fearless and tenacious student journalists, photographers, artists, videographers, social media managers, and website developers to join our advocacy for truth and change. Applications are open from May 15 to 22.

Be there when it happens.

About Us

Of the students

As De La Salle University’s official student publication, The LaSallian is accountable to the students.

By the students

The LaSallian, as a completely student-run publication, is a training ground for professional, competent, and responsible journalists.

For the students

Through its news, stories, photographs, illustrations, and perspectives, The LaSallian represents and fights for the rights and welfare of the students.

Writing Sections


Being there when stories happen, the University section serves as The LaSallian‘s news arm that goes beyond what meets the eye. Through exhaustive coverages, news features, and in-depth commentaries, we aim to serve the public by gathering, amplifying, and defending the truth within and beyond the Animo realm.


Grounded in Filipino culture and society, the Menagerie is the publication’s features section that explores the mundane and the peculiar. We write about people and phenomena celebrated and forgotten, from the margins of society and at the heart of communities.



The LaSallian‘s Sports section extends beyond the eye of the casual fan, diving deeper into the story behind collegiate, national, and international sports alike. We help bridge the Lasallian community closer to the action and the grind of the teams and athletes who proudly represent the Green-and-White on and off the court.


Vanguard inspires curiosity and connects everyday people with the brightest minds in science. Apart from reporting the wonders, hypotheses, and data, we uphold the duty to examine the role of money and the government in science, review science-related public policies, and dissect the murky underbelly of the field.

Multimedia & Technical Sections


Intermedia produces the audio-visual projects of the organization. We focus on collaboration and creativity in short-reels, in-depth interviews, topical clips, and video essays. From the writing process, filming sets, animated visuals, and post-production editing, the team sheds light on the niche stories in our environments.


We do more than just clicking a button; The LaSallian’s Photo section brings life into the publication’s articles by producing visuals that resonate with our audience. We capture memories from events with photographs that tell stories in ways words can’t express. 

Art & Graphics

Art & Graphics is the creative heart of The LaSallian that breathes life into complex stories through the visual mastery of colors and line work. This section takes on the responsibility of crafting captivating visuals for articles, event highlights, comics, and editorial cartoons. 


The Layout section combines creativity and precision to showcase news in an informative and engaging way. Through eye-catching visuals and well-structured graphics, the section enriches the publication’s storytelling, enhancing the reader’s experience.


The Web section, composed of copywriters, designers, and developers, is at the forefront of the publication’s digital presence. They are the creative architects behind our content strategy who also skillfully designs and develops websites to elevate the publication’s storytelling experience.



This term, the application process will be conducted purely online. It has four stages: 

  1. Sign-ups: Applicants shall fill up the form at A confirmation email will be sent containing additional instructions.
    The application form is only open from May 15 to 22.
  2. Exams: Applicants will take a general exam composed of essay prompts. Section-specific and take-home exams for your preferred section will also be given.
    Exam Sessions: May 25 and 29; 8 am to 12 pm or 1 to 5 pm 
  3. Section Editor Interview: Applicants will be screened by the editor of their chosen section. A link  will be placed at the end of their section-specific exams to schedule their interview.
  4. Executive Editor Interview:  Shortlisted applicants will proceed to an interview with the executive editors of the publication, who will determine if they will be accepted or not.
After passing the Executive Editor Interview, the final list of accepted applicants will be required to secure their Certificate of Good Moral Conduct from the Student Discipline Formation Office.  

Undergraduate students from the Manila and Laguna campuses are allowed to apply; senior high school students are not allowed to apply. 

You may apply for up to two sections, but you must have one preferred section. You are also allowed to back out from one of your choices. 

For all applicants, please prepare a laptop or any digital device.

For Art & Graphics and Intermedia animator applicants, please prepare your drawing materials, whether digital or traditional. For Layout applicants, preparing a laptop with your preferred layout software is required.

Previous experience in journalism is not required. The application process will be used to gauge your mastery, skill, and potential as the basis for your acceptance.

Yes. If, during the application process, we see that your skills and experience seem to be more suited for another section, you may be redirected.

Recruitment typically occurs during Terms 1 and 3 of an academic year. The next chance to apply will be in Term 1 of Academic Year 2024-2025. 

Yes. You may reapply in succeeding recruitment weeks if you do not get accepted. 

For writers: 

  • Monthly article pitching and assignments that entail contacting, interviewing, and drafting the articles.
  • Event coverages, news headlines reportage, and extra assignments are also given as responsibilities.
For technical staffers, monthly and online assignments are given depending on the section:
  • Artists and photographers provide visuals and also have monthly section-creative outputs.
  • Layout artists prepare the broadsheet and infographics.
  • Web managers and developers handle the publication’s social media accounts and website.
For multimedia staffers, assignments are given depending on the role in the section, but monthly general storyboard meetings are to be expected:
  • Scriptwriters prepare the overall direction of the video essays and sometimes aid in voiceover recordings.
  • Videographers shoot footage for the video essays.
  • Animators illustrate graphical elements and put them in motion.
  • Video editors compile all elements and produce the final output.

Yes. We regularly conduct workshops to hone the skills of our staffers, with alumni or industry professionals as speakers. 

You are allowed to join other Student Media Groups (SMGs) as long as you can manage the responsibilities of a hybrid staffer and are not doing similar work for any other SMG.

For more information, you can send your questions to [email protected].