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OPM’s not dead: On the fate of Filipino music

Just when you think you’ve got OPM figured out, it throws you a curveball. Channeling the charm of the local sound with lush, boombox-ready sonic palettes, Original Pilipino Music strikes the right chords, reconciling the universal with the intimate. On pitch and veering into broader varieties, OPM registers precisely with the melancholy and occasionally wonderful…


Balikan ang Kilig: Revisiting romance and classic Filipino films

There’s something compelling and mildly fascinating about today’s era and its often unpredictable flux.  Trends come and go like flavors of the season.  Markets rise and fall. It’s a portrait of consistent and cyclic transitions.  But every now and then, amidst the chaos of juxtapositions, we come across—not by accident—classics with deep and lasting dimensions.…