Settling priorities

“Becoming a teacher is a difficult task. You’ll be underfunded, underappreciated,” these were the words hammered in my mind ever since I was a child, having admitted that I wished to take up teaching as a profession, all the way to my major courses in college. Everyone says that education is a vocation, a sacrifice…


Scary stories to tell in La Salle

Key of f-ed, Bea They had warned us never to touch the grand piano sitting backstage in the William Shaw Little Theatre. The place was dimly lit; my flashlight illuminating the dusty instrument.  The wooden floor creaks upon my every step. I take a deep breath. The afternoon bus rides I devoted to reading Philippine…


Spreading information and hope: COVID-19 and Me webinar

Last March 13, a webinar titled COVID-19 and Me: How Do We Cope?—Part 2 was hosted online by Ateneo de Manila University. The event was part of the IPC eTuro UHC Webinar Series 2020, which aimed to shed light on the COVID-19 pandemic and its implications on public health and safety.  Dr. Regina Berba from…