UniversityStudent-centered projects launched at Br. Bloemen hall
Student-centered projects launched at Br. Bloemen hall
July 10, 2014
July 10, 2014

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The Campus Services Office launched new programs at the Br. Bloemen Hall earlier this week, in line with the University’s goal of providing different launchpads for innovative ideas to students.

The event introduced the new projects of the office, including the Student Media Box and Community Board, DLSU No Impact Experiment, and Take 5. In addition, new business applications for the Animo Business Innovation Zone (Animo BIZ) were also opened.

Dubbed as the place “where ideas come to life”, the Br. Bloemen Hall was renovated and redesigned last year. The building hat used to house the Zaide canteen has now become a hub for student ideas and innovations a year after its reopening.

“It’s [Br. Bloemen Hall] a platform where students come together to put their ideas to the test,” University President and Chancellor Br. Ricky Laguda FSC said in his welcoming remarks. Animo BIZ was among the first initiatives to be accommodated in the building, along with the establishment of the office of Green Giant FM, the University’s official radio station.

The Community Board and the Student Media Box can be found just outside the radio station booth. Students can express themselves and post their artistic works such as drawings, paintings, and literary works on the board. Sam Pingol, Assistant Student Manager of the Campus Services Innovations Team, revealed that the board can be “an avenue for self-expression” for students. The Student Media Box, on the other hand, is to be utilized for showcasing students’ skills in videography.

The Take 5 project was also launched during the event. The project encourages students to perform 5-minute presentations during 15-minute breaks. For interested students, auditions will be conducted by the Campus Services Office in the coming weeks.

Aside from launching the new artistic avenues in the University, the DLSU No Impact Experiment was also presented earlier. The experiment aims to inform the Lasallian community of its carbon footprint and to encourage the different sectors to live a greener life. The question “How can you make an impact by having no impact?” was posed to the community.