SportsAlmond Vosotros: The veteran marksman
Almond Vosotros: The veteran marksman
July 13, 2014
July 13, 2014


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The DLSU Green Archers are down by three with 1.7 ticks remaining in the fourth quarter. They have a chance to send the game into overtime as the ball is in their possession. Every spectator watching the game live or from their televisions would probably make their own guesses on who is going to step up on the clutch for the Taft squad. But when after all is said and done, it is no surprise that spectators will find the ball on this guy’s hands to take the shot right before the buzzer winds down. It is also no surprise if he makes the basket count even with the defense all over him.

Of all the sweet shooting guards that DLSU had in its basketball history, Almond Vosotros is one of the greatest athletes La Salle has to offer. Known for his extensive accuracy from long range, he remains to be a threat to the other squads with his deadly offensive abilities. Sports fans around the country actually coined the term ‘Vosotres’ because of his incredible performance in rainbow country.

Now playing in his final year as a Green Archer, the three-point talisman still has a chance to make more clutch shots for the team that will surely need his long range abilities as they look forward to defend their UAAP championship.

Vosotros’ game stepped up from UAAP 75 to UAAP 76 after earning a spot in the starting lineup, playing with significant minutes. The 5’10 guard also averaged close to 14 points, the second team-high behind reigning UAAP Finals MVP Jeron Teng. Vosotros also contributed in other ends of the court with five rebounds, two assists, and one steal a game. Despite this kind of numbers on his stat line, he mentioned that it does not matter as long as he is helping the team to notch the victory in every game.

Even before the Green Archers claimed their first basketball title since 2008, Vosotros already got a taste of being a champion after leading the San Sebastian Staglets to an NCAA Juniors championship during his high school years. After clinching the UAAP title against the Growling Tigers, Vosotros, together with the rest of the Green Archers, went on a roll to claim the PCCL and FilOil championships, his firsts for his young basketball career.

Yung maturity as a player, kailangan kong dalhin sa team,” Almond mentioned on what he can contribute to the squad. With already four years of experience in the league, he is loaded with the skills and talents, which he can relay to the younger players. After the departure of LA Revilla and Norbert Torres, new and younger players came into the team’s roster where Vosotros can set as an example as a veteran.

Despite his many great performances during the team’s pre-season games, Vosotros continues to make room for improvements. Shot selection is one of his priorities after admitting that he often forces low percentage shots on the court.  Vosotros also allots his time to practice his free throws after seeing the whole team struggle on the line during their recent matches. Working on his all-around skills all year long, he made plans to join the PBA draft in a year or two.

When it comes to delivering the cold-blooded shots during crucial situations, Vosotros is definitely the man on the job. With the UAAP basketball tournament kicking off soon, winning another championship would be a great way to end his collegiate career and might even attract the attention of bigger leagues. But in a league full of surprises, who knows what Almond Vosotros can still do inside the court now that he is a veteran marksman.